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  • Bringing energy to developing countries

kids gathered under a solar street light for access to sustainable energy
With proper training, entrepreneurs in developing countries can help deliver access to energy in their communities.

Training, mentoring & funding: three key steps for supporting entrepreneurs

Access to energy is a basic human right, but bringing electricity to developing countries is a complex and multidimensional process. Today, 1.06 billion people still live without electricity, more than half in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Promoting entrepreneurship
While it’s true that introducing energy resources in such communities presents a technical challenge, of equal importance is creating and supporting adequate socioeconomic ecosystems. Entrepreneurship in energy-related careers can be key to addressing these challenges, as it can help ensure long-term employment and drive sustainable, lasting energy solutions.

However, entrepreneurial electricians may lack training for essential skills, as they often work in the “informal sector,” outside of regulation. Supporting such entrepreneurs – and their communities – requires three key steps: training, mentoring and funding.

• Raising awareness to limit the risk of failure
• Delivering practical field knowledge
• Equipping electricians with safety skills

• Mobilizing local advisors
• Sharing expertise and experience
• Providing managerial tools

• Connecting with financial opportunities
• Fostering tailored forms of funding
• Facilitating growth

Public, private and hybrid initiatives that provide funding solutions for entrepreneurs are growing. Programs supporting entrepreneurship are more successful when they involve various support instruments and help create thriving local ecosystems.

As an example, through activities supporting disadvantaged youths, informal entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs in developing countries, Schneider Electric commits to taking a leadership role in ensuring sustainable solutions for the energy needs of tomorrow.

Learn more about the types of entrepreneurs in the energy field and how supporting their enterprises benefits local communities and encourages sustainability.

Discover how energy entrepreneurs in developing countries can contribute to their communities – and what they need to succeed.
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