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      Insights on the connected enterprise

      Seeing the connections


      New generation of IIoT-ready controllers reveals value hidden in process data

      Small problems that aren’t detected can add up to large profit shortfalls. More connected devices means more chances for problems to sneak through. For example, in a typical discrete/hybrid manufacturing plant, information on the performance of an asset such as a pump or motor is confined to the control level. Granular results are not available on all levels of the plant. So engineers and managers alike frequently lack the insight into operational performance they need to make faster, better decisions.

      Estimates say that lacking precise data on asset location, process status, and so on can cost up to three percent of yearly revenues. That can create a significant margin shortfall for the typical plant. The impact on the bottom line can be substantial.

      Fortunately, advanced Process Automation Controller [PAC] technology can help make granular production details available to interested users. The resulting operational visibility aids in stopping losses and delivering increased profitability.

      …lacking precise data on asset location, process status,
      and so on can cost up to three percent of yearly revenues..

      IIoT-ready PACs with built-in Ethernet allow seamless access to advanced collaborative and integrated automation architectures, and to object-oriented integration environments. It’s easy to link up controllers with other networks, and make any needed information visible throughout smart connected manufacturing enterprises.


      The Modicon M580 Ethernet-enabled
      programmable automation controller (ePAC)
      platform from Schneider Electric possesses
      industry-leading processing and memory,
      as well as stronger embedded cybersecurity. 

      Example: if a controller reading exceeds preset parameters, the engineer or operator receives a text-message alert on their smartphone or tablet. They can then click through to the affected pump, motor, etc. Its location, coding, and full documentation are instantly available — without time-consuming trips to the control room or plant-floor PLC/PAC — for fast, efficient problem identification, investigation, and resolution. And fewer trips to the plant floor decrease the likelihood of adverse incidents and bring greater control of safety variables.

      So a quite-technical feature — transparent, open native networks embedded in an IIoT-ready PAC — can translate directly into real-world business improvements.

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