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      A cup of coffee, augmented reality, and true love…

      There’s a lot happening from shop floor to top floor. Expect more when operational and information technology are interconnected like never before. It’s all made possible by EcoStruxure™ Innovation At Every Level.

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    The Internet of Things starts with "Things". We innovate at the core to integrate smart, connected products capable of digitally transmitting data. Experience top-tier reliability and asset performance from home automation devices, drives, uninterrupted power supplies, circuit breakers, and remote terminal units, to smart electrical panels that bring better visibility to safety, energy and operations.
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    A level of hardware and software interacting with connected products to make critical real-time automation & control decisions at the operational level leading to more efficient and safer operations and processes.

    Cyber-secure Solutions

    A secure infrastructure platform that makes information available whenever – and wherever – it’s needed most, also catering to on-premise solutions for non-cloud scenarios. The cloud platform provides private and public cloud infrastructure, a powerful analytics engine and the ability to connect, process and store data, while hosting applications and services.
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    Our applications and analytics processes the aggregated data into operational intelligence and insights. Deeper analysis and simulation enables longer-term decision making, identifies efficiency opportunities, lifecycle services, prevents downtime, optimizes energy spend, creates global benchmarks, improves reliability, ensures zero event operations and report on sustainability - the possibilities are limitless.
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