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      Taking meaningful action

      Concrete, meaningful action is the only way to address climate change. See how we’re doing our part and empowering others in the 2017 – 2018 Schneider Sustainability Report.

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      Science-based targets: A new area of focus

      Forward-thinking companies are leading the way to a low-carbon future by setting targets aligned with climate science. Download the guide to get started.

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      What is your ecological footprint?

      Do you use more resources than the planet is able to produce?

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      • The Schneider Electric Foundation at COP23 Fuel Poverty

        Announcing the winners of the European call for projects on social innovation to tackle fuel poverty.

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      • The Schneider Electric Foundation at COP23 Access to Energy

        Highlighting our global partnership to develop training in electricity, renewables and entrepreneurship in emerging countries.

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        Six pillars of our environmental strategy

        1. Deploy low-CO2 and resource-efficient strategies for partner-compatible growth path

        In 2015, we defined a CO2 roadmap with a 2020 – 2030 timeframe. It identifies ways to remain “COP21 and +2° compatible” and decouples our activities, including our growth journey and supply chain transformations, from climate implications. Through R&D efforts and ecoDesign Way, we develop a broad range of products, services, and solutions that bring significant CO2 avoidance to our customers.

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        2. Building an increasingly green supply chain

        Resource efficiency and productivity are our mottos. We drive efforts toward energy efficiency, water efficiency, the reduction of transportation and manufacturing externalities, and the adoption of green best-available techniques in our plants and distribution centers. Additionally, our key processes embed environmental considerations, making environmental performance and resource productivity key dimensions of major decisions.

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        3. Considering waste as worth

        We drive an “obsession toward zero waste” across our 1,250 facilities globally. Waste minimization, reuse, recycling, and land avoidance have become an integral part of our plants’ and distribution centers’ performance scorecards, and we see constant progress.

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        4. Promoting green attributes and value-adds

        Our customers are central to our environmental commitments. Today, more and more Schneider Electric customers keenly quantify our offers’ environmental credentials. We’ve invested significantly in designing, implementing, and further innovating our Green Premium ecolabel. Developing tools which enable our customers to articulate in non-technical terms the value addition of our offers’ environmental differentiators.

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        5. Implementing a circular economy

        Schneider Electric circularity expresses itself in many ways. On the resource and waste sides, we work toward cutting waste, reusing more and implementing end-of-life services, while on the offer side, we grew our field and management services and retrofit, with the result of helping our customers enjoy energy management and automation services using fewer resources: “Doing more with less.”

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        6. Strengthening our environmental governance

        Environmental stewardship is integral to our green growth and commitments, embedded across all our functions’ processes, and guiding how we select and grow our supplier base. Through independent assessments, plus hundreds of field visits and audits, we review environmental risks in our supply chain to comply with changing regulations, striving to address key risks and changing expectations of our global ecosystem.

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        Enabling access to energy for those who need it

        We believe the fight against climate change won’t be effective without involving vulnerable populations in decision making and coherent actions for 1.3 billion people who have no access to energy. 

        Doing more with less is possible today and we need to actively engage the society to change behaviors and drive sustainability awareness.

        • Access to energy is a basic human right

          We believe that everyone on our planet should have access to reliable, safe, efficient, and sustainable energy. We are developing inclusive business models and running worldwide programs to enable access for electricity to the people who need it.

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        Raising sustainability awareness worldwide

        We are committed to raising awareness among our employees, customers, partners and shareholders around the world.
        • Know your environmental footprint

          We are partnering with Global Footprint Network, to ensure thriving lives within the means of our planet are not out of reach. Plenty of solutions exist in four major areas for improving sustainability: food, cities, population, and energy to #movethedate.

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        Empowering women in the context of climate change

        With a strong focus on the disproportionate vulnerability of women, we are advocates of training and entrepreneurship to help women become more resilient in the context of climate change.

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        What is good for the climate, is good for the economy We signed Science-Based Targets (SBTs) initiative in 2016. SBTs are a way to help companies capitalize on the new energy landscape opportunities.

        On GHG scopes 1 and 2 we set targets to reduce our CO2 emission by 53% in absolute terms by 2050 versus 2015.

        > How we support our customer to do the same
        • Our commitments to sustainability On the road to carbon neutrality

          On the eve of COP21, Schneider Electric presented 10 commitments for sustainability. Five of them are taken from the Planet & Society barometer 2015-2017. 

          The objective is to reduce the Group’s emissions on the three scopes, and develop new technologies for energy efficiency so that Schneider Electric and its ecosystem demonstrate carbon neutrality by 2030.

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        Environment strategy and circular economy

        Schneider Electric enables environment-friendly growth and efficient use of resources by acting with transparency and accountability. Traditionally, most businesses implement the linear economy approach, which follows the model of take, make and dispose. 

        However, Schneider Electric adopts the circular economy by rethinking and redesigning our products and components so there are no resources lost in the process. 

        The circular economy is designed to facilitate product reuse, recycling and cascading. It requires an implementation of supply chain loops to collect and ensure the second life of products, components and materials. 

        > Discover cost-effective modernization solutions to upgrade your aging installation with our ECOFIT offer 

        > Recover or recycle outdated equipment with end-of-life services

        ecoDesign Way™

        The ecoDesign Way is our way to design and develop greener product and introduce them to the market. We have been applying the ecoDesign Way™ in all our new products’ development and promotion processes since 2015.

        • ecoDesign Way™

          This approach allows us to measure, manage and improve six dimensions (climate change performance, resources performance, health profile, efficiency, serviceability and circularity profile) in our offers’ life cycle.

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