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  • Main
    range of product
    Harmony XB5
    product or component type
    Wireless and batteryless transmitter
    device short name
    bezel material
    Chromium plated metal
    fixing collar material
    mounting diameter
    22 mm
    transmission frequency
    2405 MHz
    emission class
    antenna type
    shape of signaling unit head
    type of operator
    Spring return push-button with transmitter
    operator profile
    Flush red
    max power consumption in W
    1 mW
    number of channels
    modulation technique
    5 MHz
    antenna gain
    0 dBi
    embedding depth
    42 mm
    CAD overall height
    41.5 mm
    CAD overall width
    30 mm
    CAD overall depth
    43 mm
    product weight
    0.045 kg
    operating travel
    4.3 mm total travel
    operating force
    25 N C/O changing electrical state
    mechanical robustness
    Free fall resistance (test level: 1000 mm) conforming to EN/IEC 60068-2-32
    UL 508
    EN/IEC 60947-1
    EN/IEC 60947-5-1
    CSA C22.2 No 14
    radio agreement
    ARIB T66
    communication port protocol
    Zigbee (green power) at 2.4 GHz conforming to IEEE 802.15.4
    maximum sensing distance
    100 m in free field
    25 m transmitter in a plastic box type XAL D and receiver in a metal enclosure
    300 m transmitter in box type XAL D, receiver in metal enclosure and use relay-antenna
    acquisition time
    2 ms
    response time
    < 2 ms
    emission power
    3 mW
    fixing mode
    Fixing screw beneath head recommended torque: 0.8...1.2 N.m
    electrical composition code
    protective treatment
    ambient air temperature for storage
    -40...70 °C
    ambient air temperature for operation
    -25...55 °C
    relative humidity
    95 % at 70 °C without condensation
    IP degree of protection
    IP65 on front face conforming to IEC 60529
    IP30 on back face conforming to IEC 60529
    IP65 on front face conforming to UL Type 12
    IK degree of protection
    IK03 conforming to IEC 50102
    mechanical durability
    1000000 cycles
    shock resistance
    25 gn (duration = 6 ms) for 6000 shocks conforming to IEC 60068-2-27
    30 gn (duration = 18 ms) for half sine wave acceleration conforming to IEC 60068-2-27
    50 gn (duration = 11 ms) for half sine wave acceleration conforming to IEC 60068-2-27
    vibration resistance
    +/- 10 mm (f = 2...11 Hz) conforming to IEC 60068-2-6
    5 gn (f = 11...500 Hz) conforming to IEC 60068-2-6
    electromagnetic compatibility
    Immunity for industrial environments
    Radiated emission
    Electrostatic discharge immunity test (test level: 8 kV - in free air (in insulating parts))
    Electrostatic discharge immunity test (test level: 6 kV - on contact (on metal parts))
    Susceptibility to electromagnetic fields (test level: 10 V/m - 80...2000 MHz)
    Susceptibility to electromagnetic fields (test level: 3 V/m - 80...2700 MHz, distance = 20 m)
    product certifications
    BT 2006/95/EC
    1999/5/EC - R&TTE directive
    2004/108/EC - electromagnetic compatibility
    Offer Sustainability
    Sustainable offer status
    Green Premium product
    RoHS (date code: YYWW)
    Compliant  - since  1108  -  Schneider Electric declaration of conformity
    Schneider Electric declaration of conformity
    Product environmental profile
    Product end of life instructions
    Contractual warranty
    Warranty period
    18 months
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    User guide
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    SoMachine - 扫描与 ZBRN 模块链接的按钮 Harmony ZBRN 库指南 (Version 04)
    SoMachine - Buscar botones vinculados a módulos ZBRN., Guía de la biblioteca Harmony ZBRN (Version 04)
    SoMachine - Ricerca dei pulsanti collegati a moduli ZBRN, Harmony ZBRN Library Guide (Version 04)
    SoMachine Scan for Buttons Linked to ZBRN Modules - Harmony ZBRN Library Guide (Version 04)
    SoMachine - Suche nach Drucktasten für ZBRN Module, Harmony ZBRN - Bibliothekshandbuch (Version 04)
    SoMachine - Scrutation des boutons liés aux modules ZBRN, Guide de la bibliothèque Harmony ZBRN (Version 04)
  • Technical FAQs

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  • Dimensions Drawings

    Wireless and Batteryless Pushbutton - Transmitter
    With Metal Pushbutton without Cap

    panel thickness 1 to 6 mm / 0.039 to 0.24 in.

  • Mounting and Clearance

    Transmitter Mounting

    Transmitter Clearance in Free Field Unobstructed


    Transmitter Clearance in a Metal Enclosure

    Metal enclosure

    The range is reduced if the transmitter is placed in a metal enclosure (reduction factor:approx 10%)

    Glass window

    10...20 %

    Plaster wall

    30...45 %

    Brick wall

    60 %

    Concrete wall

    70...80 %

    Metal structure

    50...100 %

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