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Schneider Electric ZB4BVB3TQ Image


Schneider Electric ZB4BVB3TQ Image

light block ZB4BVB3 sold by 100

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ZB4BVB3TQ  has not been replaced. Please contact your customer care center for more information.
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  • Main
    range of product
    Harmony XB4
    product or component type
    Complete body/light block assembly
    device short name
    fixing collar material
    sale per indivisible quantity
    connections - terminals
    Screw clamp terminals, <= 2 x 1.5 mm² with cable end
    Screw clamp terminals, >= 1 x 0.22 mm² without cable end
    light source
    Protected LED
    bulb base
    Integral LED
    light source colour
    [Us] rated supply voltage
    24 V AC/DC at 50/60 Hz
    CAD overall width
    30 mm
    CAD overall height
    47 mm
    CAD overall depth
    37 mm
    terminals description ISO n°1
    tightening torque
    0.8…1.2 N.m conforming to EN 60947-1
    shape of screw head
    Cross compatible with Philips no 1 screwdriver
    Cross compatible with pozidriv No 1 screwdriver
    Slotted compatible with flat Ø 4 mm screwdriver
    Slotted compatible with flat Ø 5.5 mm screwdriver
    [Ui] rated insulation voltage
    600 V (pollution degree 3) conforming to EN 60947-1
    [Uimp] rated impulse withstand voltage
    6 kV EN 60947-1
    signalling type
    supply voltage limits
    19.2…30 V DC
    21.6…26.4 V AC
    current consumption
    18 mA
    service life
    100000 h at rated voltage and 25 °C
    surge withstand
    1 kV conforming to IEC 61000-4-5
    protective treatment
    ambient air temperature for storage
    -40…70 °C
    ambient air temperature for operation
    -40…70 °C
    electrical shock protection class
    Class I conforming to IEC 60536
    CSA C22.2 No 14
    EN/IEC 60947-5-1
    JIS C8201-5-1
    EN/IEC 60947-5-5
    EN/IEC 60947-1
    UL 508
    EN/IEC 60947-5-4
    JIS C8201-1
    product certifications
    LROS (Lloyds register of shipping)
    UL listed
    vibration resistance
    5 gn (f= 2…500 Hz) conforming to IEC 60068-2-6
    shock resistance
    30 gn (duration = 18 ms) for half sine wave acceleration conforming to IEC 60068-2-27
    50 gn (duration = 11 ms) for half sine wave acceleration conforming to IEC 60068-2-27
    resistance to fast transients
    2 kV conforming to IEC 61000-4-4
    resistance to electromagnetic fields
    10 V/m conforming to IEC 61000-4-3
    resistance to electrostatic discharge
    6 kV on contact (on metal parts) conforming to IEC 61000-2-6
    8 kV in free air (in insulating parts) conforming to IEC 61000-2-6
    electromagnetic emission
    Class B conforming to IEC 55011
    Contractual warranty
    18 months
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    UL certificate Harmony pushbutton (Version 1.0)
    XB4 XB5 ZBE ZEN ZBV ZAL ZB4 ZB5 ZBZ XD4 XD5 ZBY ZBC ZBD ZBG ZBP ZB2 Control and signaling units (Version 1.0)
    XB4B XB5A Control and signaling units and ZBE ZBP ZBV ZBZ ZENL ZALV Electrical blocks (Version 1.0)
    Declaration of conformity
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    XB4B, XB5A Control and signaling units, XD4PA, XD5PA Joystick Controllers, ZBE, ZBP, ZBV, ZBZ, ZENL, ZALV Electrical blocks (Version 1.0)
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  • Dimensions Drawings


  • Mounting and Clearance

    Panel Cut-out for Pushbuttons, Switches and Pilot Lights (Finished Holes, Ready for Installation)

    Connection by Screw Clamp Terminals or Plug-in Connectors or on Printed Circuit Board

    Connection by Faston Connectors

    Diameter on finished panel or support
    40 mm min. / 1.57 in. min.
    30 mm min. / 1.18 in. min.
    Ø 22.5 mm / 0.89 in. recommended (Ø 22.3 mm 0+0.4 / 0.88 in. 0+0.016)
    45 mm min. / 1.78 in. min.
    32 mm min. / 1.26 in. min.

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