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Schneider Electric XPSMF2DO1602 Image


Schneider Electric XPSMF2DO1602 Image

Preventa safety remote output relay module - 16 O

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  • Main
    range of product
    Preventa Safety automation
    product or component type
    Preventa safety remote output relay module
    safety module name
    safety module application
    Extension of I/O capacity
    safety use category
    Category 4 maximum conforming to EN 954-1
    Performance level e conforming to EN/ISO 13849-1
    SIL 3 conforming to EN/IEC 61508
    function of module
    Monitoring safety actuators
    Monitoring safety dialogue
    [Us] rated supply voltage
    24 V DC (- 15...20 %)
    SELV or PELV conforming to EN/IEC 60950
    number of outputs
    16 relay
    structure type
    response time
    Depending on size of application
    associated fuse rating
    10 A, slow-blow
    output type
    Relay, with 2 NO per output, volt-free
    minimum switching voltage
    5 V 250 V AC output relay
    5 V 250 V DC output relay
    switching current capacity
    3.15 A / 100 A with internal fuse relay output
    switching capacity in VA
    <= 48 VA, cos f = >= 0.5 for relay output
    switching capacity in W
    >= 90 / <= 30 V for relay output
    contacts material
    Silver alloy (Ag/Ni) for relay output
    electrical durability
    >= 250000 cycles for relay output
    mechanical durability
    >= 1000000 cycles for relay output
    communication port protocol
    Safe Ethernet with 2 RJ45 port(s), transmission rate: 100 Mbps, 10 Mbps, medium: dual twisted pair cable, category 5D or better
    exchange mode
    Half duplex, full duplex, autonegotiation
    number of terminal blocks
    1 for power supply
    4 for relay output
    current consumption
    0.6 A at 24 V DC on power supply
    mounting support
    35 mm symmetrical DIN rail
    113.5 mm
    109 mm
    255 mm
    product weight
    2 kg
    IP degree of protection
    ambient air temperature for operation
    0...60 °C
    ambient air temperature for storage
    -40...85 °C
    Contractual warranty
    Warranty period
    18 months
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    Modules d’E/S de sécurité distantes Type XPSMF1/2/3, pour automates de sécurité Preventa XPSMF (Version 1.0)
    Safety remote I/O modules XPSMF1/2/3, for Preventa safety PLCs XPSMF (Version 1.0)
    User guide
    Add to My Documents
    XPSMF2DO1602 Module de sortie distant, Manuel du matériel (Version 01)
    XPSMF2DO1602 Remote Output Module, Hardware Manual (Version 01)
    XPSMF2DO1602 Dezentrales Ausgangsmodul, Handbuch zur Hardware (Version 01)
    XPSMFWIN Manuel logiciel (Version 02)
    Date 6/30/07
    Size 5.1 MB
    XPSMFWIN Software-Handbuch (Version 02)
    Date 6/30/07
    Size 5 MB
    Safety Suite V2, Consignes d'installation (Version 03)
    XPSMF2DO1602 Módulo de salidas remotas, Manual del hardware (Version 01)
    XPSMFWIN Manual de software (Version 02)
    Date 6/30/07
    Size 4.2 MB
    XPSMFWIN Manual de Software (Version 02)
    Date 6/30/07
    Size 4.2 MB
    XPSMF2DO1602 Módulo de Saída Remota, Manual do Hardware (Version 01)
    XPSMF2DO1602 Modulo di uscita remota, Manuale hardware (Version 01)
    XPSMFWIN Manuale del software (Version 02)
    Date 6/30/07
    Size 4.2 MB
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    UL E486184 - NRAQ-NRAQ7 (Version 1.0)
    Date 12/12/18
    Size 395.6 KB
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