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Schneider Electric TSXCFY21C Image


Schneider Electric TSXCFY21C Image

coated motion control module - for stepper motors - Unity Pro - 2 axes - 5.6 W

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TSXCFY21C is replaced by:
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  • Reason for Substitution: End of life
  • Substitution date: 31 December 2017
  • Not same dimensions/design - consult us for coated version
  • Main
    range of product
    Modicon Premium Automation platform
    product or component type
    Motion control module
    product specific application
    For stepper motors
    software designation
    Unity Pro
    I/O modularity
    2 axes
    pulse frequency
    <= 187 kHz
    power dissipation in W
    5.6 W
    input type
    Current sink auxiliary input conforming to EN/IEC 61131 type 2
    Resistive amplifier input
    discrete input logic
    Negative amplifier input
    Positive auxiliary input
    input voltage
    24 V 7 mA auxiliary input
    5 V 4.5 mA amplifier input
    input voltage limits
    19...30 V auxiliary input
    voltage state 1 guaranteed
    < 2 V amplifier input
    >= 11 V auxiliary input
    current state 1 guaranteed
    >= 6 mA auxiliary input
    voltage state 0 guaranteed
    <= 5 V auxiliary input
    > 3.6 V amplifier input
    current state 0 guaranteed
    <= 2 mA auxiliary input
    input impedance
    3400 Ohm auxiliary input
    input immunity
    < 250 µs auxiliary input for homing cam and event inputs
    15...30 µs amplifier input for loss of step input
    3000...10000 µs auxiliary input for limit switch, emergency stop and external stop inputs
    3000...16000 µs amplifier input for amplifier fault input
    power supply monitoring
    0...14 V auxiliary input at fault state
    18...24 V auxiliary input at OK state
    maximum detection time
    < 30 ms auxiliary input from fault to OK state
    > 1 ms auxiliary input from OK to fault state
    input compatibility
    With 2-wire/3-wire sensor auxiliary input
    output type
    Open collector PNP brake output conforming to EN/IEC 61131-2
    RS422, TTL 5 V open collector NPN compatible amplifier output
    output differential voltage
    +/- 2 V <= 100 Ohm amplifier output
    output short-circuit current
    < 150 mA amplifier output
    permissible common mode voltage
    <= 7 V amplifier output
    permissible differential voltage
    <= 12 V amplifier output
    output voltage
    24 V DC 19...30 V brake output
    nominal output current
    0.5 A < 0.3 mA 0.625 A brake output
    voltage drop
    < 1 V at state on brake output
    switching time
    < 0.25 ms brake output
    output compatibility
    Positive logic DC inputs (resistance <= 15 kOhm) brake output
    short-circuit protection
    Thermal tripping via program or automatically brake output
    output overload protection
    Current limiter brake output
    output overvoltage protection
    Zener diode brake output
    reverse polarity protection
    Reverse mounted diode on supply brake output
    speed profile path
    operating mode
    Direct drive mode
    Amplifier, limits switches, emergency stop
    Consistency of commands
    Correct execution by software position limits, loss of step
    Sensor power supply
    Short circuit (one signalling bit per channel)
    Validity of parameters
    optional commands
    local signalling
    2 LEDs green axis diagnostics available (CH.)
    1 LED green module operating (RUN)
    1 LED red external fault (I/O)
    1 LED red internal fault, module failure (ERR)
    electrical connection
    1 connector HE-10 20 pins
    2 connectors SUB-D 15
    current consumption
    100 mA 24 V DC
    650 mA 5 V DC
    module format
    product weight
    0.48 kg
    protective treatment
    Conformal coating Humiseal 1A33
    ambient air temperature for operation
    0...60 °C
    ambient air temperature for storage
    -25...70 °C
    relative humidity
    5...95 % without condensation
    operating altitude
    <= 2000 m
    Offer Sustainability
    RoHS (date code: YYWW)
    Compliant  - since  0828  -  Schneider Electric declaration of conformity
    Schneider Electric declaration of conformity
    Contractual warranty
    Warranty period
    18 months
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    User guide
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    Premium and Atrium using EcoStruxure™ Control Expert, Processors, Racks and Power Supply Modules (Version 10)
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    CSA_225844_1041715_PREMIUM_JUL2011 (Version 1.0)
    UL E486184 - NRAQ-NRAQ7 (Version 1.0)
    Date 12/12/18
    Size 395.6 KB
    Declaration of conformity
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    DCC_PREMIUM_JUL2016 (Version 1.0)
    Date 7/20/16
    Size 478.2 KB
    ACMA_RCM_PREMIUM_FEB2015 (Version 1.0)
    Date 2/10/15
    Size 1.9 MB
    EU RoHS Declaration
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    Marine certificate
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    RMRS_16.00045.272_PREMIUM_DEC2016 (Version 1.0)
    REACh Declaration
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