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Easergy P3U30, 4L, 4U, 16DI/8DO, Uaux: 48 - 230V, DI: 220-230V, RS-485

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  • Main
    range of product
    Easergy P3
    product or component type
    Protection relay
    relay application
    product reference
    power supply
    48...230 V AC/DC
    type of measurement
    Current and voltage
    number of sensors
    12 temperature sensor(s) on external module
    digital input number
    number of Digital Outputs (DO)
    1 watchdog
    number of analogue inputs
    4 external module
    number of analogue outputs
    4 external module
    type of temperature module connection
    Copper cable external module
    Fiber optic cable external module
    communication protocols
    Modbus RTU
    IEC 60870-5-101
    IEC 60870-5-103
    Profibus DP
    Password protection
    Port hardening
    protection functions
    Cold load pick-up
    Switch ON to fault (SOTF)
    Phase overcurrent ANSI:50/51
    Directional phase overcurrent ANSI:67
    Earth fault overcurrent ANSI:50N/51N
    Directional earth fault ANSI:67N
    Transient earth fault ANSI:67NI
    Capacitor bank unbalance ANSI:2
    Broken conductor ANSI:46 I2/I1
    Breaker failure ANSI:50BF
    Directional active underpower ANSI:37P
    Recloser ANSI:79
    Phase undercurrent ANSI:37
    Excessive starting time, locked rotor ANSI:48/51LR
    Motor restart inhibition ANSI:66
    Capacitor overvoltage ANSI:59C
    Negative sequence overcurrent ANSI:46
    Overvoltage ANSI:59
    Undervoltage ANSI:27
    Positive sequence undervoltage ANSI:27P
    Earth fault overvoltage ANSI:59N
    Underfrequency ANSI:81/81N
    Rate of change of frequency ANSI:81R
    Synchro-check ANSI:25
    Lockout relay ANSI:86
    Thermal overload protection ANSI:49
    Temperature monitoring ANSI:38/49T
    H2 detection
    H5 detection
    Programmable stages ANSI:99
    Programmable curve
    measurement functions
    Reactive energy
    Short circuit fault reactance
    Earth fault reactance
    RMS active power
    RMS reactive power
    RMS apparent power
    Cos φ
    Tan φ
    Power angle
    Voltage interruption
    Current 3-phase
    Current zero sequence
    Current positive sequence
    Current negative sequence
    Current ratio of negative and positive
    Voltage phase to earth
    Voltage phase to phase
    Voltage zero sequence
    Voltage positive sequence
    Voltage negative sequence
    Voltage ratio of negative and positive
    Current 2nd, 15th harmonics with THD
    Voltage 2nd, 15th harmonics with THD
    Phasor diagram of currents or voltages
    Condition monitoring CB wear
    Active power
    Power factor
    Active energy
    Reactive power
    Apparent power
    control functions
    Local control on single-line diagram
    Local control with I/O keys
    Local/remote control
    2 function keys
    Custom logic (logic equations)
    Mobile application
    Programmable switchgear interlocking
    controllable switchgear devices
    6 controlled + 2 monitored objects
    number of setting groups
    monitoring functions
    Trip circuit supervision ANSI:74
    Circuit breaker monitoring
    Relay self-monitoring
    logs and records
    Disturbance recording
    Fault locator 21FL
    Tripping context
    Event recording
    maximum number of CB controlled
    switchgear diagnosis type
    CT supervision
    CT/VT supervision ANSI:60
    Trip circuit supervision ANSI:TCS
    software name
    Easergy SmartApp
    ESetup Easergy Pro virtual simulation test
    display type
    display resolution
    128 x 64 pixels
    local signalling
    8 LEDs programmable
    4 LEDs
    169.5 mm
    170 mm
    205 mm
    product weight
    3.5 kg maximum
    ambient air temperature for storage
    -40...70 °C
    IP degree of protection
    IP54 conforming to IEC 60529
    maximum operating altitude
    2000 m
    Offer Sustainability
    Sustainable offer status
    Green Premium product
    RoHS (date code: YYWW)
    Product environmental profile
    Product end of life instructions
  • Technical FAQs

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  • Connections and Schema

    Functional View

  • Dimensions Drawings

    Base Unit Dimensions



    With screw connector

    214 mm/8.43”

    192 mm/7.6”

    With ring-lug connector

    226 mm/8.90”

    204 mm/8.0”