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    Wireless control of Water based heater

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    • Main
      range of product
      product or component type
      Radiator thermostat kit
      kit composition
      1 Wiser controller
      3 Wiser radiator thermostat
      range compatibility
      20 Wiser - H-relay - heating actuator
      4 Wiser - L-relay - load actuator
      10 Wiser - thermostat, each controlling a separate temperature location
      2 Wiser - Energy Button - energy saver
      2 Wiser - S-meter - meter reader, each with up to 6 connected sensors
      20 Wiser - Radiator Thermostat - thermostatic valve, for water based heater
      1 Wiser - Boiler Control - load actuator
      20 Wiser - SmartPlug - smart plug, with plugged appliances
      Contractual warranty
      Warranty period
      18 months
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