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Schneider Electric ATV1200A3703333 Image


Schneider Electric ATV1200A3703333 Image

medium voltage variable speed drive ATV1200 - 3.3 kV - 370 kVA

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  • Main
    range of product
    Altivar 1200
    product or component type
    Medium voltage variable speed drive
    device short name
    product destination
    Synchronous motors
    Asynchronous motors
    product specific application
    Fan, pump, compressor, conveyor
    assembly style
    In floor-standing enclosure with separate air flows
    product composition
    2 x plinth
    Phase-shifting transformer
    9 x power cells
    Medium voltage arrestors
    Cooling fans
    Human machine interface
    EMC filter
    network number of phases
    3 phases
    input type
    18 pulse diode rectifier bridge
    [Us] rated supply voltage
    3.3 kV +/- 10 %
    supply voltage limits
    2970…3630 V
    [Uc] control circuit voltage
    220 V
    motor power kW
    309 kW
    line current
    65 A
    drive efficiency with transformer (including fan power)
    96 % (standard efficiency)
    96.5 % (high efficiency)
    total losses at 100 % load including fan power
    12 kW (standard efficiency)
    11 kW (high efficiency)
    apparent power
    370 kVA
    prospective line Isc
    31.5 kA for 150 ms
    overload withstand
    1.2 In, standard overload, 60 s
    1.5 In, standard overload, 3 s
    1.5 In, high overload, 60 s
    1.85 In, high overload, 3 s
    continuous output current
    65 A (standard overload)
    52 A (high overload)
    maximum transient current
    78 A for 60 s
    speed drive output frequency
    0.5…120 Hz voltage/frequency ratio (V/f)
    0.5…70 Hz vector control with/without speed feedback
    nominal switching frequency
    600 Hz
    speed range
    asynchronous motor control profile
    Closed-loop control with encoder
    Vector control with sensor, optional
    Sensorless flux vector control
    Voltage/frequency ratio (V/f)
    synchronous motor control profile
    Closed-loop control with encoder
    Voltage/frequency ratio (V/f)
    overvoltage category
    II conforming to EN/IEC 61800-5-1
    output voltage
    <= power supply voltage
    Electrical between power and control
    electrical connection
    Bar - screw type M10, clamping capacity: 6 x 40 mm² (L1/R, L2/S, L3/T) entry from the bottom or from the top
    External supply for control at 220 V AC, 3 kVA
    Internal supply for cooling fan at 380 V AC
    External supply for control at 220 V AC/DC (optional)
    External supply for cooling fan at 380 V AC (optional)
    analogue input number
    analogue input type
    software-configurable current: 0...20 mA/4...20 mA, 24 V max, impedance: 250 Ohm
    analogue output number
    4 (optional)
    analogue output type
    software-configurable current: 0...20 mA/4...20 mA DC, impedance: 250 Ohm
    discrete output number
    14 (optional)
    discrete input number
    10 (optional)
    acceleration and deceleration ramps
    Linear from 0...3200 s
    protection type
    Ground fault protection: drive
    dielectric strength
    10 kV AC between earth and power terminals
    communication port protocol
    Human machine interface: Modbus with 2-wire RS485(1) - SUB-D 9
    Human machine interface: Modbus TCP with (1) - RJ45
    Human machine interface: Ethernet/IP with (1) - RJ45
    Human machine interface: Profibus with (1) - SUB-D 9
    Human machine interface: DeviceNet with (1) - SUB-D 9
    operating position
    Vertical +/- 10 degree
    colour of enclosure
    Grey (RAL 7032)
    2460 mm (standard efficiency)
    2760 mm (high efficiency)
    1400 mm (standard efficiency)
    1500 mm (high efficiency)
    2520 mm standard efficiency
    2670 mm high efficiency
    net weight
    2200 kg (standard efficiency)
    3300 kg (high efficiency)
    IP degree of protection
    EN/IEC 60204-11
    EN/IEC 60529
    EN/IEC 61800-3
    EN/IEC 61800-4
    EN/IEC 61800-5-1
    IEEE 519:1992
    pollution degree
    2 conforming to EN/IEC 61800-5-1
    noise level
    80 dB
    vibration resistance
    4.9 m/s² (f= 10…50 Hz)
    relative humidity
    0…90 %
    0…95 % optional
    ambient air temperature for operation
    0…40 °C
    40…50 °C (with current derating of 2 % per °C)
    ambient air temperature for storage
    -10…60 °C
    volume of cooling air
    9900 m3/h (standard efficiency)
    13200 m3/h (high efficiency)
    type of cooling
    Forced convection
    operating altitude
    <= 1000 m without
    1000...2000 m with current derating 0.6 % per 100 m
  • Documents

    • Italian
    User guide
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    ATV1200 Manuale di programmazione (Version 02)
    ATV1200 Quadro di bypass automatico BC-A Manuale di installazione, uso e manutenzione (Version 01)
    ATV1200 Quadro di bypass manuale BC-M11 Manuale di installazione, uso e manutenzione (Version 1.0)
    ATV1200 Quadro di bypass sincrono BC-S Manuale di installazione, uso e manutenzione (Version 01)
    ATV1200 Manuale di installazione (Version 02)
  • Technical FAQs

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  • Dimensions Drawings

    Standard Efficiency

    High Efficiency

  • Mounting and Clearance


  • Connections and Schema

    Connections and Schema
    Standard Wiring Diagram

    Integrated power supply
    Control power supply
    4-20mA speed setpoint
    Input reserved
    VFD is ready
    Local 1 remote control
    VFD running
    Detected fault
    4-20mA Output current
    4-20mA Output speed
    Main circuit breaker enable to close
    Trip main circuit breaker
    Undervoltage release module of circuit breaker
    4-20mA reserved inputs
    Reserved outputs
    Main circuit breaker

  • Performance Curves

    Power Derating of Output Current
    Temperature Derating

    Ambient temperature

    Altitude Derating


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