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Schneider Electric 59689 Image


Schneider Electric 59689 Image

motor - M40 - Sepam series 40

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  • Main
    relay application
    range of product
    Sepam series 40
    device short name
    control and monitoring type
    Latching/acknowledgement ANSI code: 86
    Logic discrimination ANSI code: 68 (option)
    Switching of groups of settings
    Annunciation ANSI code: 30
    Circuit breaker/contactor control ANSI code: 94/69
    Logic equation editor 100 operators
    metering type
    Phase current I1, I2, I3 RMS, residual current I0
    Demand current I1, I2, I3, peak demand current IM1, IM2, IM3
    Temperature (option)
    Voltage U21, U32, U13, V1, V2, V3, residual voltage V0
    Positive sequence voltage Vd/rotation direction-negative sequence voltage Vi
    Active, reactive, apparent power P,Q,S-peak demand power PM, QM, power factor
    Calculated active and reactive energy (+/- W.h, +/- VAR.h)
    Active and reactive energy by pulse counting (+/- W.h, +/- VAR.h) (option)
    network and machine diagnosis type
    Unbalance ratio/negative sequence current Ii
    Disturbance recording
    Thermal capacity used
    Remaining operating time before overload tripping
    Waiting time after overload tripping
    Running hours counter/operating time
    Starting current and time
    Start inhibit time, number of starts before inhibition
    Tripping context
    Phase displacement
    switchgear diagnosis type
    Cumulative breaking current
    Trip circuit supervision (option)
    Number of operations, operating time charging time (option)
    CT/VT supervision ANSI code: 60FL
    type of measurement
    Power (P,Q)
    Power factor
    Peak demand power
    protection type
    Thermal overload protection ANSI code: 49RMS
    Phase undercurrent ANSI code: 37
    Excessive starting time, locked rotor ANSI code: 48/51LR/14
    Starts per hour ANSI code: 66
    Breaker failure ANSI code: 50BF
    Undervoltage protection ANSI code: 27/27S
    Overvoltage protection ANSI code: 59
    Temperature monitoring (8 or 16 RTDs) ANSI code: 38/49T option
    Positive sequence undervoltage ANSI code: 27D
    Phase overcurrent ANSI code: 50/51
    Earth fault/sensitive earth fault ANSI code: 50N/51N
    Earth fault/sensitive earth fault ANSI code: 50G/51G
    Remanent undervoltage ANSI code: 27R
    Negative sequence/unbalance ANSI code: 46
    communication port protocol
    Measurement readout ( option ) : Modbus
    Remote indication and time tagging of events ( option ) : Modbus
    Remote control orders ( option ) : Modbus
    Remote protection setting ( option ) : Modbus
    Transfer of disturbance recording data ( option ) : Modbus
    input output max capacity
    10 inputs + 8 outputs
    communication compatibility
    IEC 60870-5-103
    Modbus RTU
    IEC 61850
    Modbus TCPIP
    user machine interface type
  • Documents

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    Catalogue Sepam serie 20, 40, 60, 80 - Cover (Version 6.0)
    User guide
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    Sepam série 40, manuel d'utilisation (Version 10)
    Sepam series 40, user's manual (Version 10)
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