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MV SF6 Circuit Breakers up to 40.5 kV

Part of Pact Series

An optimized design offering a large choice of lateral and frontal mechanism arrangements, especially well suitable for applications sensitives to over voltages, like capacitors banks or inductive loads such as motors and reactors.

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          Schneider Electric SF1000000X1FX Image


          SF1 A1-B1-C1 fixed / up to 36kV / 12,5 to 25kA / 630-1250A / 220 to 380mm / IEC
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          Schneider Electric SF7000000X1FX Image


          SFset A1-B1-C1 fixed / up to 24kV / up to 25kA / 630A / 280mm / IEC
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          Schneider Electric SF2000000X1FF Image


          SF2 frontal fixed / upto 40,5kV / 25 to 40kA / up to 3150A / 250 to 457mm / IEC
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          Schneider Electric SF2000000X1F4 Image


          SF2 withdrawable F400 up to 40,5kV / up to 40kA / 1250-2500A / 300mm / IEC