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Foxboro SCADA RTUs

Foxboro SCD2200 and Foxboro SCD6000 — world-class RTUs providing SCADA remote communications for efficient, cost-effective process automation

Schneider Electric’s Foxboro SCD2200 and Foxboro SCD6000 are world-class RTUs — providing SCADA remote communications for efficient, cost-effective process automation. Modular construction and advanced features offer fast, easy and reliable configuration and operation in demanding applications.

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SCADA & Telemetry Water Solutions
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        The Foxboro™ SCD2200 is a world-class modular remote terminal unit (RTU) that enables multiple redundant communications and rack configurations. It provides advanced capabilities, IP connectivity and open programming to a broad range of remote measurement and control applications.

        Designed for today’s measurement and control systems, the advanced SCD2200 avoids technical constraints that traditionally limit RTU use.

        • Faster design, configuration, engineering
        • Reduced third-party integration issues
        • Minimized project risk
        • Easy installation
        • Faster startup
        • Proven, high-reliability operation
        • Smaller footprint
        • Significant cost savings
        • Easy expansion, upgrade and repair

        • Remote operation in harsh environments
        • Easy configuration for SCADA applications such as: 
            - Oil and gas production, including offshore platforms, well monitoring, wet gas and high-level well control
            - Oil and gas transportation, including pipelines
            - Mining: electric power and substation management

        • IP connectivity
        • TCP/IP and serial reporting/diagnostics
        • Communication option cards
        • Communication protocols
            - Modbus protocol
            - DNP3 RTU communications

        Application development
        • Advanced FoxRTU Station programming environment
        • Open software tools to streamline application software design, programming, testing and startup
        • Complete programming and application conformance to IEC 61131-3 and IEC 61499 standards for ease of engineering and application portability

        Setup and Maintenance
        • Easy installation to provide battery charger control plus loop power and low power overhead

        Performance and architecture
        • High-performance CPU plus extensive flash memory to perform wide range of control functions — from simple data acquisition to sophisticated, closed-loop algorithms — via user-friendly program configurator

        Modular construction matched to specific application requirements: 
         - Low-density or high-density I/O modules — Redundant CPU, power supplies, communication lines
            - Interfaces to typical communications media
         - Optimized transmission techniques for low-speed data lines

        • Compact powered backplane for smaller, less costly range of I/O designs; smaller footprint; and common external power supply for multiple CPU systems

        • Capability to chain multiple backplanes for communications and I/O expansion

        • Intelligent I/O modules for functionality such as high-speed scanning, sequence-of-events (SOE) monitoring and fail-safe output configuration — all normally found in more expensive controllers

        • Scalability from 1 to 16 communication ports and 4 to 1024 I/O points

        • User program control of communications and logic sequencing
         - Interfaces to typical communications media 
         - Optimized transmission techniques for low-speed data lines

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