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Esmi Additional access control products

Database servers, workstations and additional devices to be used in the system

Part of Esmi

Esmi access server can be connected directly into company local area network (LAN). Architecture is based on clent-server model. TCP/IP–protocol is used between client and server in order to deliver secured data from database to application displays. Standard company workstations can be used to distribute system administration and use to wanted places in the company.

Esmi Additional access control products
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Esmi Additional access control products

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        Esmi Access Control system is based on controllers, software and servers

        Functional system requires a server to run the access control software and workstations which connects to the server as user interfaces for operations.

        Also network may need additional devices.

        > FFS08780126  Dell Power Edge T320 Database server
        > FFS08780250  Dell OptiPlex XE2 MT workstation for Esgraf
        > FFS08804030   Moxa Nport 5110 + AX connection cable
        > FFS08769320   GSM modem TC35i SET 
        > FFS08784902  ID badge printer Fargo HDP5000


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