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Valve Positioners

Valve Positioners and Accessories

Foxboro Positioners, easy to install, control and monitor on any type of pneumatic valve actuators with the highest diagnostic level. With a complete range of accessories, valves can be fully equipped and your process optimized at its best.

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Valve Positioners
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Valve Positioners

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        SRP981 on a linear actuator
        SRP981 on a rotary actuator
        Foxboro Pneumatic Positioners

        The traditional pneumatic positioners receive as input a pneumatic control signal and generate for the control valve actuator the corresponding pneumatic output signal. This positioner technology has been strongly used in the process control industry for decades, and is still present.
        We offer 2 types of pneumatic positioners to meet almost any need a customer may have. On the first hand, the SRP981, compact, reliable and easy to be adapted to any type of actuators and on the second hand the P91PA, a dedicated pneumatic positioner for cylinders operation.
      • Provide an accurate valve stem position
      • Can be used onto linear and rotary actuators
      • Available for single and double acting actuators
      • ATEX Constructive Safety
      • As options, build-in position feedback or limit switches
      • All process industries applications (Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pulp & Paper, Power, …)

      Documents and Downloads (8)

      CAD drawing of SRP981 in STP Format (Version 1.0) 3/4/16 English FD-CAD-PO-025.stp2.9 MB
      CAD drawing of SRP981 in DXF Format (Version 1.0) 3/4/16 English FD-CAD-PO-024.dxf556.3 KB
      Process Instrumentation for the Chemical Industry (Version 1.0) 11/27/18 English FD-BR-003.pdf1.3 MB
      Specification guide
      Product Specification SRP981 Pneumatic Positioner (Version 2.0) 9/6/18 English FD-PSS-PO-05-EN.pdf867.9 KB
      Product Specification SRP981 Pneumatic Positioner (Version 2.0) 4/4/19 German FD-PSS-PO-05-DE.pdf805.1 KB
      Declaration of conformity
      ATEX-CSA-FM Certificates of conformity for SRI986, SRP981, SMI983, SGE985 (Version 1.0) 3/9/16 German,  English FD-CAD-PO-020.pdf634.8 KB
      Technical leaflet
      Pneumatic Positioner SRP981 flyer (Version 1.0) 3/3/16 French FD-TL-PO-017-FR.pdf183.6 KB
      Pneumatic Positioner SRP981 flyer (Version 1.0) 3/3/16 Russian FD-TL-PO-017-RU.pdf418.5 KB