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Process Liquid Analytical

Sensors, analyzers and transmitters for on-line liquid analytical measurements

Sensors, analyzers and transmitters for on-line measurements of pH, ORP, ion selective electrode activity, conductivity, resistivity and dissolved oxygen.

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Process Liquid Analytical
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Process Liquid Analytical

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        Foxboro Dissolved Oxygen Products

        871DO Sensor 873DO / EC / RS Analyzer The Foxboro dissolved oxygen range consists of an 871DO sensor and 873DO analyzer. The 871DO is a rugged dissolved oxygen sensor used for parts-per-million level measurements in industrial and municipal installations. It is a rebuildable style sensor with a tough stainless steel reinforced composite membrane bonded to an easily replaceable membrane cap. When used with the 873DO analyzer, the 871DO offers several diagnostic routines, including membrane fouling, membrane breakage, and loss of internal filling solution. The Foxboro 873DO is a line-powered, dual sensor input dissolved oxygen analyzer. Calibration of the 873DO is quick and simple, achieved by allowing the sensor to stabilize in ambient air. Each 873DO analyzer provides two analog output signals (4-20 mA, 0-10 V, 0-20 mA) and two alarm relays.


        - Rugged sensor with reinforced composite membrane delivers long, reliable life
        - Easily replaceable membrane cap assembly save time for routine maintenance
        - Advanced diagnostics warn if the sensor needs to be serviced
        - Fast and easy air calibration reduces maintenance time and cost
        - Analyzer can accept either one or two sensor signals
        - 24/7 expert technical and application support


        - Aeration basins
        - Industrial waste water treatment plants
        - Municipal waste water treatment plants
        - Aquaculture measurements

      Documents and Downloads (12)

      Data Bulletin
      Dissolved Oxygen Electrolyte Solution 0.5M KCL Part Number B0200EB (Version 1.0) 10/15/14 English msds_119.pdf41.7 KB
      871DO Dissolved Oxygen Sensor used with 873DO Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer (Version 1.0) 6/1/08 English dp_611-149.pdf108.1 KB
      871A (pH and ORP) and 871DO (Dissolved Oxygen) Sensor Accessories (Version 1.0) 6/1/08 English dp_611-145.pdf200 KB
      Analytical Brochure (Version 1.0) 4/1/14 English FD-BR-A-001.pdf3.7 MB
      Specification guide
      873 Series Electrochemical Analyzers pH, ORP, Ion Selective, Contacting Conductivity, Electrodeless Conductivity, Resistivity, and Dissolved Oxygen (Version 2.0) 7/18/18 English pss_6-1c1e_d.pdf2.2 MB
      Model 871DO-C Dissolved Oxygen Sensors and Sensor Accessories (Version 1.0) 2/1/09 English pss_6-9b1a.pdf1.2 MB
      Instruction sheet
      871DO Dissolved Oxygen Sensors and Accessories - Installation and Maintenance (Version 1.0) 7/1/05 English mi_611-200.pdf750.7 KB
      871DO-C Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Membrane Replacement Kits (Version 1.0) 12/1/15 English mi_611-203.pdf202.5 KB
      Electrochemical Analyzers, Transmitters, and Sensors - Intrinsic Safety Connector Diagrams and Nonincendive Circuits (Version 3.0) 9/14/18 English mi_611-206_p.pdf8.2 MB
      873DO Series Electrochemical Analyzers for Dissolved Oxygen Measurement Style C (Version 1.0) 7/1/05 English mi_611-169.pdf1.9 MB
      Customer success story
      Raylo Gilead Customer Success Story (Version 1.1) 3/3/16 English FD-CS-A-005.pdf1.6 MB
      Technical leaflet
      871DO-C Series Dissplved Oxygen Sensors Style B (Version 1.0) 7/1/05 English pl_611-121.pdf107.3 KB
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