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Pressure transmitters and accessories

For the past 100+ years, Foxboro has been providing the most reliable and highest quality pressure measurement devices in the industry. With recent innovative advances such as our patented FoxCal technology (utilizing multiple calibration curves), Foxboro guarantees you the lowest cost of ownership, enhanced plant productivity/availability, reduce inventory requirements and provides unsurpassed performance accuracy for gauge, absolute and differential pressure measurement even at high turndowns.

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        Foxboro by Schneider Electric offers comprehensive range of accessories complementing to the transmitters applications . Manifolds (1-, 2-, 3- and 5-valve) block and bleed valves are compact devices that easily and economically isolate the pressure transmitter from the process to conveniently allow venting, calibration and maintenance. Remote seals are used with pressure transmitters when it is necessary to keep the transmitter isolated from the process. A sealed system is used for a process fluid that is corrosive, viscous, subject to extreme temperature, toxic, sanitary or tends to collect and solidify.

        View our Selection Guide, Instruction Manual (MI) and Product Specifications (PSS) Documentation.
      • Wide choice of manifolds and remote seals
      • Choice of mounting , either direct or remote mounting
      • Compact design allows minimum space for operation and installation.
      • Rolled threads (not cut) result in increased strength, galling prevention and longer life.
      • Oil & Gas
      • Chemical
      • Power & Utilities
      • Food & Beverage
      • Water/ waste water
      • Refining
      • Metals and Mining
      • Pharmaceutical

      Documents and Downloads (17)

      Data Bulletin
      Model CO - Compact Orifice Plate for Use with Foxboro Differential Pressure Transmitters Datasheet (Version 1.0) 2/1/07 English FD-DS-P-011.pdf175.5 KB
      Transmitter-Mounted Pressure Seals for In-Line, Saddle-Wel;ded Process Connection Model PSISD (Version 1.0) 12/1/12 English dp_020-350.pdf160.4 KB
      Flanged Flush transmitter-Mounted Selas - Model PSFFD (Version 1.0) 12/1/02 English dp_020-357.pdf295.1 KB
      Model CO Compact Orifice (Version 1.0) 3/29/16 English dp_022-335.pdf273.4 KB
      5-Valve ManifoldsFor Use With I/A Series Pressure Transmitter Family (Version 1.0) 8/1/09 English dp_022-149.pdf438.6 KB
      3-Valve Manifolds For Use With I/A Series Pressure Transmitter Family (Version 1.0) 8/1/09 English dp_022-148.pdf310.8 KB
      2-Valve Manifolds for Use With I/A Series Pressure Transmitter Family (Version 1.0) 8/1/09 English dp_022-147.pdf360 KB
      1-Valve Manifold for Use with I/A Series Pressure Transmitter Fmaily (Version 1.0) 2/1/08 English dp_022-146.pdf113.9 KB
      Flanged Flush Mounted Remote Seals Model PSFFR (Version 1.0) 12/1/12 English dp_020-356.pdf278.7 KB
      Foxboro Pressure Transmitter Brochure (Version 1.0) 9/1/14 English FD-BR-P-003.pdf561.1 KB
      Process Instrumentation for the Chemical Industry (Version 1.0) 3/1/15 English FD-BR-003.pdf1.3 MB
      Specification guide
      Product Specification Sheet: Compact Orifice with d/p Cell Transmitters (Version 1.0) 10/1/07 English pss_3-5a1e.pdf1.4 MB
      Pressure Seals (Version 1.0) 12/1/99 English pss_3-2c1a.pdf1.4 MB
      Instruction sheet
      IFOA Integral Flow Orifice Assembly (Version 1.0) 7/1/07 English mi_022-333.pdf504.2 KB
      1-, 2-, 3-, and 5-Valve Manifolds For Use with I/A Series Pressure Transmitter Family (Version 1.0) 8/1/09 English mi_022-138.pdf976.3 KB
      Compact Orifice with d/p Cell Transmitters (Version 1.0) 10/1/03 English mi_022-335.pdf307.8 KB
      Technical leaflet
      Integral Flow Orifice Assembly Style A (Version 1.0) 6/1/07 English pl_006-174.pdf213.7 KB
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