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Intelligent Buoyancy Transmitters and Radar solutions for Level measurement

Radar and Buoyancy Transmitters that provide level measurement solutions in a variety of process applications.

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        244LD LevelStar Buoyancy Transmitter

        244LD Transmitter These intelligent transmitters are designed to measure liquid level, interface or density of liquids. The measurement is based on the Archimedes buoyancy principle.

        Easy remote configuration and supervision with PC or HART Hand terminal. The devices also can be operated conventionally using the local keys. Total I/A Series measurement integration is possible through HART, PROFIBUS or FOUNDATION fieldbus communication.

        The transmitters are approved for use in hazardous areas and SIL applications.

        Accessories are required for operation and mounting. See 204xx Accessories for Level Transmitters.


      • Process temperature –196 to +500 °C (–320 to +932 °F)
      • Rugged design with high reliability
      • Reliable interface measurement – also at diffuse interface
      • Electrical Classification Explosion Proof and Intrinsically Safe acc. to ATEX and FM
      • A wide range of materials allows the optimal adaption to the process.

      • Applications

      • Steam Drum/Boiler Drum
      • Oil/Water Separation
      • Biodiesel production
      • Polyester/Nylon Fiber production
      • Ammonia production
      • High Temperature and High Pressure

    Documents and Downloads (26)

    Data Bulletin
    244LD LevelStar High performance level transmitter Datasheet (Version 1.0) 1/1/12 English FD-DS-L-003.pdf293.8 KB
    Specification guide
    244LD Levelstar Intelligent Buoyancy Transmitter for Liquid Level, Interface and Density, with Torque tube (Version 1.0) 7/1/15 English FD-PSS-L-01-EN.pdf547.7 KB
    Instruction sheet
    244LD Transmetteur numérique à tube de torsion pour mesure de niveau, d'interface et de densité - Toutes versions (Version 1.0) 2/1/10 French FD-MI-L-001-FR.pdf1 MB
    244LD Intelligenter Messumformer für Füllstand, Dichte und Trennschicht, mit Verdränger und Torsionsrohr - Alle Versionen (Version 1.0) 2/1/10 German FD-MI-L-001-DE.pdf1 MB
    244LD Transmisor Inteligente a Desplazador por Tubo de Torsión, para Nivel, Interfase y Densidad de Líquidos – Todas las versiones (Version 1.0) 5/1/07 Spanish FD-MI-L-001-ES.pdf1.5 MB
    244LD Intelligent Buoyancy Transmitter with Torque Tube and Displacer for Level, Interface and Density (Version 1.0) 2/1/10 English FD-MI-L-001-EN.pdf1 MB
    244LD Transmissor Inteligente de Empuxo com Tubo de Torque e Deslocador para Medição de Nível, Interface e Densidade - Todas as versões (Version 1.0) 9/1/05 Portuguese FD-MI-L-001-PT.pdf1.5 MB
    Declaration for functional safety Certificate for 144LD / 244LD Intelligent Buoyancy Transmitter (Version 1.0) 2/1/10 English FD-SAFETY-003-EN.pdf833.7 KB
    244LD Levelstar интеллектуальный измерительный преобразователь для измерения уровня, уровня поверхности раздела двух несмешивающихся жидкостей и плотности с вытеснителем и торсионной трубкой – версия HART (Version 1.0) 9/1/11 Russian FD-MI-L-004-RU.pdf2.1 MB
    244LD LevelStar Intelligent Buoyancy Transmitter for Vers. 6.2.x Level, Interface and Density with Torque (Version 1.0) 4/1/15 English FD-MI-L-004-EN.pdf1.3 MB
    Declaration of conformity
    SIL Declaration of conformity Certificate for 244LD / 244LVP LevelStar (Version 2.0) 1/22/18 German,  English FD-DECLA-L-001.pdf54.3 KB
    DTM files
    244LD LevelStar, 244LD, 244LVP, 144LVD, 144LD - DMU DTM (HART 5 + FF) (Version 3.6.3) 10/3/18 English DMU-DTM Release 3.6.3.zip22.8 MB
    PC drivers
    DD - 244LD, 244LVP - HART DD for HHT375 - HART (Version 1.0) 8/22/12 English HHT_DD_DMU_30.zip102 KB
    DD - 244LD - Buoyancy Level Transmitters - Profibus (Version 1.0) 3/10/11 English fox_d140.zip1.9 KB
    DD - 244LD, 144LD, 144LVD - Buoyancy Level Transmitters - Foundation Fieldbus (Version 1.0) 9/10/03 English DD_244LD_0101_06.zip53.7 KB
    DD - 244LD, 244LVP - Buoyancy Level Transmitters - HART (Version 1.0) 8/22/12 English Enhanced_DD_DMU_30.zip241.1 KB
    DD - 244LD, 144LD, 144LVD - Buoyancy Level Transmitters - Foundation Fieldbus (Version 1.0) 5/3/06 English DD_244LD_0101_07.zip53.7 KB
    DD - 244LD, 144LD, 144LVD - Buoyancy Level Transmitters - Foundation Fieldbus (Version 1.0) 9/10/03 English DD_244LD_0101_04.zip53.6 KB
    DD - 244LD, 144LD, 144LVD - Buoyancy Level Transmitters - Foundation Fieldbus (Version 1.0) 9/5/02 English DD_244LD_0101_01.zip53.9 KB
    Technical leaflet
    Spare Parts List 244LD-...-W (Version 1.0) 10/1/14 English FD-TL-L-001.pdf145.1 KB
    Spare Parts List 244LD-...-X (Version 1.0) 10/1/14 English FD-TL-L-002.pdf221.2 KB
    Spare Parts List 244LD-...-Y (Version 1.0) 10/1/14 English FD-TL-L-003.pdf215.3 KB
    Profibus Technical Bulletin 144Ld, 244LD (Version 1.0) 12/1/03 English FD-TI-L-006.pdf527.9 KB
    Communication protocols thereto: 244LD with FOUNDATION F (Version 1.0) 11/1/13 English FD-TL-L-024-EN.pdf610.5 KB
    Spare Parts List 244LD-...-Z (Version 1.0) 10/1/14 English FD-TL-L-004.pdf148.3 KB
    244LD Levelstar & 204xx Accessories Mounting Diagram (Version 1.0) 9/25/14 English FD-TL-L-009.pdf339.6 KB
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