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EcoStruxure™ Building Operation

EcoStruxure Building Operation delivers the actionable insights needed to better manage and optimize buildings, improve engineering efficiency, and meet increased cybersecurity and compliance needs.

Smart buildings demand simple integration across systems and easy access to IoT devices. EcoStruxure Building Operation’s open & secure integration framework allows collaboration across third-party systems to create innovative custom solutions. The platform natively supports standard open protocols out-of- the-box. Future ready buildings ensure new technology expansions deploy easily all while: maximizing building efficiency, optimizing comfort & productivity, and increasing building value.

EcoStruxure™ Building Operation
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EcoStruxure™ Building Operation

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        The Enterprise Server is a software-based server that collects site-wide data for aggregation and archiving, yet is flexible enough to run stand-alone applications. The Enterprise Server also serves as a single point of administration through WorkStation or WebStation.

        The Enterprise Server is the central point from which users can configure, control, and monitor the entire system.  The Enterprise Server can run multiple control programs using a variety of protocols. It can manage alarms, users, schedules, and logs. Data from the Enterprise Server can be delivered directly to the user or to other devices and servers throughout the site or enterprise.
        The entire system, including all of the Automation Servers, and their associated devices, can be accessed and configured through the Enterprise Server. This overview of the site provides easier mass change engineering and data analysis. The Enterprise Server also aggregates the event and alarm data from all its associated Automation Servers. Trend logs can also be aggregated through the use of extended trend logs.
        Unique to the industry, the Enterprise Server has both Script and Function Block programming options. This flexibility assures that the best programming method can be selected for the application.
        Alarms from multiple devices throughout the site, including Automation Servers, are collected by the Enterprise Server for centralized logging, display, and management. Users can also view event logs and trend logs from multiple servers. The Enterprise Server hosts the historical and configuration databases. These databases store current information, including trends, alarms, user activity, and property information.

      Documents and Downloads (3)

      EcoStruxure Building Brochure (Version 2.0) 5/1/18 English EcoStruxure-Building-Brochure-998-20276330--05-2018.pdf2.3 MB
      Technical leaflet
      Enterprise Server (Version 1.0) 4/1/15 English Enterprise Server Specification Sheet 03-16021-04-en.pdf198 KB
      EcoStruxure Building Operation Enterprise Server Specification Sheet (Version 1.0) 6/1/18 English EcoStruxure-Building-Operation-Enterprise-Server-Specification-Sheet-03-20021-02-en-06.2018.pdf288.6 KB
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