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Maximum system reliability and security optimized for YOUR building management

Building Management System that offers powerful integrated control for all your building management needs

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        TAC I/NET Seven is an integrated solution for building management that combines environmental control, access control, and energy management. TAC I/NET Seven can be customized for any building management application including small office buildings, skyscrapers, office and school campuses, buildings with specialized environmental control requirements, and remote sites. The TAC I/NET building management system includes both hardware and software solutions.

        The TAC I/NET Seven software is a 32-bit open-architecture platform which provides a friendly, comprehensive, and customizable set of tools that control and monitor the TAC I/NET network. The software employs a non-proprietary database engine.

        The software also includes a specialized graphics editor for creating graphical displays of your TAC I/NET building management system, and utilities to export data and create custom reports.

      Documents and Downloads (4)

      User guide
      TAC I/NET Seven System - Getting Started (Version 1) 4/30/10 English TCON298.pdf1.3 MB
      Process Control Unit 7716 (Version 1) 8/31/10 English TCON096.pdf1 MB
      Technical leaflet
      TAC I/NET Seven: Digital Video Management System (Version 1.0) 2/28/06 English TAC_I-NET_Seven_Digital_Video_Management_System_SDS-INET-DVM.pdf568 KB
      7716 Process Control Unit (Version 1.0) 4/30/06 English TAC_I-NET_7716_Process_Control_Unit_SDS-INET-PCU7716.pdf700.2 KB
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