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    ARGUS - Presence sensors

    Flat and compact

    Make a move towards energy Efficiency!

    ARGUS - Presence sensors

    ARGUS - Presence sensors

        • Energy consumption in buildings can be reduced with the help of Merten ARGUS presence detectors. It detects the presence of persons in the room and simultaneously measures the intensity of the natural light. If the degree of brightness is less than the pre-set value, even the smallest of movements is enough to activate the lighting. However, if the brightness of the surroundings is adequate or if ARGUS does not detect anyone in the room, the lights are switched off once again. Ideal for offices, long corridors and entrance areas.

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            MTN5510-1119 Image


            ARGUS Presence Master with IR, relay 1-gang, polar white
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            MTN5510-1219 Image


            ARGUS Presence Master with IR, relay 2-gang, polar white
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            MTN5510-1419 Image


            ARGUS Presence Master with IR, 1-10 V, polar white
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            MTN5510-1519 Image


            ARGUS Presence Master with IR, DALI, polar white
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            MTN5570-1019 Image


            ARGUS Presence Slave, polar white