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    Analog AMP / VLT / iAMP / iVLT

    Panel & DIN-rail mounted Ammeters and Voltmeters

    PowerLogic and Acti 9 analog ammeters and voltmeters for basic panel instrumentation

    Analog AMP / VLT / iAMP / iVLT
    • Features

      PowerLogic analog AMP / VLT - Panel mount 72x72 and 96x96 analog ammeters and voltmeter

      Acti 9 analog iAMP / iVLT - DIN-rail mount analog ammeters and voltmeters

      Common technical data:
      • accuracy: class 1.5
      • operating frequency: 50/60Hz
      • operating temperature: -25°C to + 55°C
      • for flush-mounted devices, two sizes: 72 x 72 and 96 x 96


      • Simple measurements: A, V
      • DIN rail or flush-mounting



      • Local measurement .


      • Analog iVLT - DIN-rail mounted voltmeter
      • Analog AMP - Panel mounted (72x72 and 96x96) ammeter for motor feeder
      • Analog VLT - Panel mounted (72x72 and 96x96) voltmeter
      • Analog iAMP - DIN-rail mounted ammeter
      • Analog AMP - Panel mounted (72x72 and 96x96) ammeter for standard feeder