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PowerLogic System manager 3.3

Power management software

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Power-monitoring software's

PowerLogic System manager 3.3
  • Features

    SMS is a complete power-monitoring software family. Depending on the required applications and functions, the SMS family offers different software products:
    • PMX1500
    • SMS121
    • SMS1500
    SMS software can communicate with all communicating devices installed in the electrical-distribution system:
    • Power Meters and Circuit Monitors
    •  low-voltage circuit breakers
    • Sepam protection relays
    • all devices implementing the Modbus protocol.
    SMS is a scaleable solution compatible with all types of system architectures, from those with direct connection of various devices to Ethernet-based systems.
    SMS offers a wide range of functions:
    Simple pre-configured functions:
    • data tables
    • meters and bar charts
    • historical logging and trending
    • display of waveforms
    • harmonic analysis
    • event logging
    • min/max resetting
    • control
    • device setup Advanced functions that the users can customise:
    • user-defined tables and reports
    • setup of automatic tasks
    • graphic interface customised via the GFX option.


    Make sure you don't miss anything

    The PowerLogic power-monitoring software's SMS help you:
    • reduce energy costs
    • improve power quality
    • improve continuity of service for optimal management of your electrical installation and a better productivity.


    • All measurements at a single location
    • Organisation and use of measurements
    • Setup of the connected devices
    • Automatic tasks
    • Remote control of the installation
    • Access via the Web