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    Inverter/chargers power conversion solution

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    • Features

      A more sophisticated multi-stage battery charging algorithm

      • Charger turns off once batteries are fully charged, reducing energy bills
      • Battery life is prolonged because batteries are not continually held at float voltage

      Power factor corrected (PFC) charging

      • Electrical draw is reduced by up to 30% less AC input current, while delivering the same DC charging current
      • A better savings/value equation – less input power per amp of charge current (generator fuel costs), with maximum available AC power for loads

      Reduced electrical noise and interference with TV’s and radios

      • Trace Series inverter-chargers are FCC Class B Compliant with necessary EMI filtering components

      Designed for harsh environments

      • Conformal coated circuit boards
      • High temperature operating range (50ºC)
      • Chassis designed to prevent pests from entry into unit


      The TR Inverter/Chargers are an economical power conversion solution designed to provide modified sine-wave electricity to essential circuits in the home or business during a power outage.

      • Easy-to-install
      • Economical backup power solution


      • Residential
      • Developing country