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    Acti 9 iPB


    Discover all the Acti 9 iPB and iSSW DIN rail push button switches and changeoverswitches

    Acti 9 iPB
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    • Features

      With exclusive features, Acti 9 iSSW & iPB DIN rail devices are definitely geared to absolute safety.

      • Class-2 insulation : continuous safety for operators and unqualified personnel.
      • Acti 9 iPB : push button switch with single or double circuit, with or without led indicator light
        • Contact: NO and/or NC
        • Lifetime: button, 30,000 cycles; indicator (LED): 100,000 hours
        • Compliance with standards: IEC 60669-1 and IEC 60947-5-1
        • For more information click here
      • Acti 9 iSSW : single or double circuit linear changeover switch
        • Contact: NO, NC or changeover
        • Number of positions: 2 or 3
        • Lifetime: linear iSSW, 30,000 cycles
        • Compliance with standards: IEC 60669-1 and IEC 60947-5-1
        • For more information click here


      • Easy to select, with a wide range compliant with the DIN rail standard
      • Peace of mind with a complete modular system
      • Consistent with the entire Acti 9 offer
      • Easy to operate with simple functions for the electrical circuit’s control


      • Control and monitoring of electrical circuits in all industrial and tertiary buildings.


      • iBP DIN rail modular double push button
      • iSSW DIN rail modular 3-position changeover switch
      • iSSW DIN rail modular 2-position changeover switch