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Comfort, simplicity, and convenience. The difference is Wiser.

One app that controls a range of connected products and is designed to make your home smarter. This is how Wiser enriches everyday living.

Wiser Smart Home
  • Features

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    Simple, powerful home control via a single app. Wherever you go, your home goes with you.

    Wiser Home Touch
    The hub for your Wiser products. With its full-color touch display, it's ideal for those moments when your phone is playing hide and seek.

    Lighting control
    Time for homework? A romantic date?  Or, a night in with the family? Set the perfect ambiance with just a tap.

    Heating control
    Set your home temperature to "ideal". Turn it down when you are out, to save energy. Then set it to "cozy" when you’re heading back home.

    Shutter control
    Night owl or early bird? Automate your shutters to match your lifestyle. Protect your home against the elements and your privacy from nosy neighbors.

    Energy management
    Check how much energy you’re using. Receive notifications if anything’s up. Wiser gives you insight into your electrical system and peace of mind that everything’s working fine.

    Little things that make a BIG difference. Sensors enable Wiser to make your home more comfortable, safe, and efficient.

    Discover the Wiser difference


    Comfort. Efficiency. Peace of mind.
    There’s living, and there’s living wisely. In our fast-moving, non-stop world it’s easy to lose sight of that. There are always
    things to manage, things to keep track of. Wouldn’t it be nice if something simply took care of itself?
    Ready for an evening in? Drop the shutters, dim the lights, and raise the heating a notch. Save your preferences and you’re ready to turn your living room into a movie theater at any time, with just a tap.
    Program your home to your needs. Set the heating and shutters to rise before you do, to get a natural, warm start. Once the schedule’s created, Wiser will get this done for you.
    No matter where you are, Wiser is looking after your home. It’ll immediately let you know about issues such as electrical faults or leaks, so you can act quickly to keep your home safe.


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    ● New constructions
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