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    Exiway Smartexit Activa

    Auto-testing exit sign with advanced LED technology - Visibility distance 26m or 32m

    Exiway Smartexit Activa safety exit sign from Schneider Electric is the intelligent way to keep building occupants safe during critical situations. Its auto-testing functionality assures a greater level of reliability and safety in compliance with European regulations.With an easy and fast installation (no tools or accessories required), Exiway Smartexit Activa is ready for any application in any building environment.

    Exiway Smartexit Activa
    • Features

      Self-diagnosis exit sign, Exiway Smartexit Activa is the answer to the demand for simplicity, functionality and modern exit signs, ensuring reliability and safety. It uses state-of-the-art technology to make periodic automatic and autonomous functional and duration operational checks of luminaires:

      • Functional tests conducted automatically every 7 days
      • Duration tests conducted automatically every 12 weeks

      Exiway Smartexit Activa is available in ceiling, wall and flag mounting models, to suits better the particularities of every building.




      • Modern design, with ceiling, wall and flag mounting models
      • Visibility distance of 26 and 32 meters ensures optimum sign visibility, both in medium-sized rooms and in larger areas
      • Long-lasting LED light source, up to 100.000 hours of service.
      • LiFePO4 battery technology, for a longer expected lifetime
      • Complies with European regulation EN50172 and EN62034
      • Interchangeable pictograms included with the luminaires and compliant with ISO7010 and UNI EN 1838 standards.
      • Easy installation, without accessories.
      • Easy maintenance, no ladder required to trigger functional testing
      • Efficient, reliable and safe


      Exiway Smartexit Activa complies with standard regulations without having to forego fine styling; its performance and aesthetics make it ideal for any public building.

      This luminaire is also available in an addressable system version for Exiway Smartexit DiCube.