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    Flow and density measurement of liquid, gas and steam

    With a 100-year tradition of excellence and innovation in flow measurement, the Foxboro by Schneider Electric brand of magnetic, vortex and Coriolis technologies and accessories offers a complete breadth of accurate, reliable and worry-free flowmeter solutions.

    • Features

      Foxboro Coriolis Flow Transmitters handle measurements that cause other Coriolis meters to fail.

      Foxboro Magnetic Flowmeters are a reliable flow measurement solution with a lower cost of ownership and maintenance, with field-proven stability to maximize the availability of flow measurement.

      Foxboro Vortex Flowmeters are the highest-performing vortex flowmeters on the market. 


      • Highly accurate volumetric and mass flow, density and temperature measurement
      • Patented algorithms to improve performance in real-world applications
      • Simple startup and operation, FDT technology for easy configuration
      • FlowExpertPro: free, industry recognized, online sizing tool with a built-in library of 300 fluids


      • General purpose flowmeters for virtually any process industry
      • Range of flowmeters for tough applications in harsh industries such as Mining, Chemical and Pulp&Paper
      • Accurate flowmeters with hygienic design for sanitary applications in Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage


      • 84C / 84F Flowmeter
      • 84W Flowmeter
      • CFS25 Flowtube
      • CFT51 Transmitter
      • MAG2 Transmitter