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Switches and sockets for a universe of possibilities

From classical switches and socket-outlets to electronics, dimmer switches, multimedia sockets and many more, your selection is based on your style, desired material and functions.

  • Features

    The Orion range incorporates technology and intelligence into one unique offer with two design variants:

    Orion Essence: The new star of functionality

    • Reinterpretation of classic design with universal colors
    • Smooth and shiny surfaces always keep the look clean
    • One piece produced in ABS for high resistance and durability
    • With UV additive protection for a prolonged "new" look
    • 4 natural shiny colors
    • 5 satiny painted colors
    • Can be used with any module color (white, ivory, beige, graphite and aluminum)

    Orion Materials: High-end and modern design

    • Aluminum and chromed surfaces express technology and high standard
    • 4 chromed colors
    • 9 real metal colors
    • 4 colors in the back part matching the modules' colors (white, beige, graphite and aluminum) 
    • Back part produced in ABS for high resistance and durability

    Orion You: design made by you

    Transparent cover-frame to be customized by you.


    Orion is the new modular system platform of Schneider Electric, perfectly matching every individual lifestyle.

    The Orion universe with more than 570 references offers extensive possibilities and combinations, from classical switches and socket-outlets up to electronic inserts, dimmers, multimedia socket-outlets and many more.

    Innovative & timeless design:

    Orion follows the latest trends and technologies for interiors and ergonomics. This system is flexible and can adapt to a multitude of functions and designs for individual requirements.

    Safe & reliable:

    Orion complies with all common quality standards and approvals. In addition to its robustness and high quality perception, Orion offers several functions making life safer: child protection, antibacterial offers, UV additive protection, or even switches with silver contacts for more security and durability.


    Following official eco-design rules, Orion contributes to environmental protection through various control features. Orion stands for a responsible use of resources. RoHS & REACH compliance further strengthens the concentrated efforts for environmental protection.

    Simple and Easy to Install:

    All Orion components, functions and features are designed to make the installation easier, faster, safe and much more efficient. A large number of accessories can be easily plugged into the basic inserts giving you the simplicity and broad choice of additional features. Orion can be modular or assembled.


    The Orion modular switches and sockets system is designed for wide-range of applications in various industries, such as :

    • Residential
    • Offices
    • Hotels
    • Hospitals

    From classical electronic functions (lightable switch rockers, movement detectors, lighting dimmers or thermostats...) to highly evolved, multimedia cable functions (USB chargers, HDMI outlets, card switches, RJ45 connectors, trunkingadapters or screwless socket-outlets...), Orion makes buildings more safe and comfortable, simplifying daily life.


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