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    Acti 9 iQuick-PF, iQuick-PRD

    Surge Protection Devices Type 2 with integrated backup protection

    Acti 9 iQuick-PF, iQuick-PRD Surge Arresters Type 2 with integrated backup protection, compliant with IEC/EN 61643-11:2011

    iQuick PRD for triple-phase
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    • Features

      Acti 9 iQuick-PF, iQuick-PRD Surge Arresters Type 2 with integrated backup protection protect your electrical installations and sensitive equipments against induced or conducted surges caused by indirect lightning strikes.
      With the iQuick versions, the optimised earth connection system simplifies the installation and avoids wiring issues.

      These iQuick-PF, iQuick-PRD ranges have the following exclusive features:
      • Monobloc Surge Arrester for iQuick-PF range
      • Withdrawable cartridges for iQuick-PRD range
      • Integrated backup protection for short-circuit current withstand, Isc, up to 25 kA (IEC/EN 61643-11:2011)
      • Maximum discharge current from 8 kA to 65 kA
      • Maximum continuous operating voltage, Uc = 264 V, 350 V (iQuick-PRD)
      • Suitable for the following earthing system: TT, TN-S, TN-C
      • Multiple-pole or single-pole products to be assembled
      • Contacts for the remote transfer of end-of-life information.


      Complete safety:
      • Permanent surge protection signalisation thanks to SPD remote indication compatible with Acti 9 communication system
      • Protect the operator with Class 2 frontface
      • Robust external integrity remains intact, even in case of SPD destruction.
      • Ensure the continuity of service thanks to the integrated disconnector
      • Simplifies the maintenance thanks to the quick replacement of damaged surge arrester cartridges
      • Remote signalisation
      Simple and smart design:
      • All in one solution, ready to be connected to Acti 9 communication systems
      • Coordination table, dedicated software for easy SPD selection
      • Easy to install, saves up to thirty per cent installation time
      • Reduce power connection by fifty per cent
      • Optimised cable length < 0,5 m
      • Reversible cartridge version for top or bottom connection


      Each Surge Arrester in Acti 9 iQuick PRD range has a specific use.

      In the case of incoming protection (Type 2):
      • iQuick PRD40r is recommended for a high risk level
      • iQuick PRD20r is recommended for a moderate risk level
      In the case of secondary protection (Type 2 or Type 3):
      • iQuick PRD8r provides secondary protection for the loads to be protected and is cascade-mounted with the incoming surge arresters.
      • This surge arrester is required as close as possible to the loads to be protected when they are located more than 10 metres away from the incoming surge arrester.
      Acti 9 iQuick-PF, iQuick-PRD Surge Arresters Type 2 protect the electrical installations in all industrial and tertiary buildings against induced or conducted surges resulting from indirect lightning strikes.
      They are also used for applications in the residential sector.


      • iSR remote signal auxiliary
      • iQuick PF for triple-phase
      • iQuick PRD for single-phase
      • iQuick PRD for triple-phase
      • iQuiick PF for single phase