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Acti9 NG125 L-MA

Motor starter protection up to 80 A

Part of 9 Series

Acti9 Circuit Breaker for motor starter protection

Acti9 NG125 L-MA- Din rail motor circuit-breaker, 3 poles
  • Features

    Acti9 NG125 L-MA is a Miniature Circuit Breaker dedicated to motor starter protection up to 80A :

    • Rating current: 4 to 80 A
    • Breaking capacities: 50 kA up to 380/415 VAC
    • Tripping curves: MA (short-circuit protection to combine with suitable overload protection)
    • Compliance with standards :
      • IEC 60947-2, certified by official national authorities
      • IEC 60947-4 when combined with a TeSys contactor and thermal relay
    • Suitable for isolation in accordance with industrial standard IEC 60947
    • Operating voltage: up to 500 VAC
    • Insulation voltage: 690 VAC
    • Optional add-on earth leakage modules: Acti9 Vigi NG125
    • Optional accessories/electrical auxiliaries: remote indication of open/closed status and remote tripping of  Acti9 NG125 with shunt, undervoltage or overvoltage release.


    The Acti9 NG125 range of  DIN rail circuit breakers combine the high performance and robustness required in the most demanding industrial applications.
    In addition, it offers:

    • Peace of mind that comes from using a fully modular system: expansion and modification of an installation is not only possible but is simple and rapid to perform
    • Seamless integration with the complete Acti9 range of products.


    Motor Protection in all industrial and commercial buildings:
    • Protection of motor supply circuits
    • Installation directly in DIN rail distribution boards.


    • Acti9 NG125 L-MA- Din rail motor circuit-breaker, 2 poles
    • Acti9 NG125 L-MA- Din rail motor circuit-breaker, 3 poles
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