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    Acti 9 iARC

    Arc Fault Detection Device

    Always on guard to protect homes from electrical fires

    Acti 9 iARC
    • Features

      Acti 9 iARC is an arc fault detection device that fits into a standard household electrical panel and is designed to prevent fires by detecting electrical arcs and disconnecting power before a fire results.

      Acti 9 iARC AFDD is the only arc fault protection device that safeguards against electrical fires by detecting electrical arcs and disconnecting power before the resulting heat starts a fire. It is expertly engineered and built with high quality materials in order to provide reliable protection for residential electrical systems. It’s easy to select and install in virtually any panel board. It provides optimum protection and functionality at a cost effective price.


      Acti 9 iARC AFDD solution reduces residential electrical fire risk.
      Acti 9 iARC AFDD is designed to distinguish between a harmless arc that occurs during normal switch, plug or motor operation and undesirable arcs that occur in malfunctioning household equipment or cabling. 
      Acti 9 iARC AFDD is not the same as a standard miniature case circuit breaker that cannot distinguish low level arcing currents that have the potential to initiate electrical fires.


      Stand-alone, single family residences
      ·         New construction and retrofit
      Multi-unit condominium complexes / social housing units, town house complexes
      ·         New construction and retrofit

      Electrical arc fault detection and fire prevention through installation in DIN rail mounted electrical panels for a wide variety of  solicited circuits, including:
      ·         Socket circuits
      ·         Power strip
      ·         Wall mounted cables & sockets
      ·         Circuit including Junction boxes
      ·         Circuits in solicited environment (moisture, heat, UV, rodent, vibration …)Ageing cables & connections