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    Exiway Easyled

    Nice Led light product for small installations. 37 mm of thickness. Standard and self test versions

    Never has an emergency lighting unit been so essential

    Exiway Easyled
    • Features

      Exiway Easyled is ideal for small installations such as restaurants, shops, small buildings and office buildings. Exiway Easyled brings together everything you expected of an emergency lighting unit. With, in addition, Schneider Electric know-how and expertise.

      So Easy 

      Main features
      Product range optimized to meet the main needs of small facilities and buildings
      Very attractive finish and built-in appearance
      LED technology: extra-low power consumption and extra long life time: 85,000 hours (10 years)
      Only 37 mm thick!
      Certified by independent organizations: NF, ENEC
      Luminous flux guaranteed over time
      Range description
      Products of thickness 37 mm
      Standard version
      Technical information
      From 70 to 450 lm
      IP 42, IK 07
      Maintained and non-maintained modes
      1 h, 2 h and 3 h battery autonomy
      LED technology available on all products Compliant with EN 60598-2-22


      Easy to choose
      Extra-flat shape
      Extra long life span (100,000 hours)
      Low consumption, energy efficient  


      Designed for all types of small buildings: hotels, offices, stores, etc 


      • Modern serigraphy for a nice finish
      • Transformed into an exit sign with a sticker
      • Only 37 mm of thickness
      • Exiway Easyled. Nice entry level product
      • Exiway Easyled. Nice entry level product