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Wibe Cable Trays

Robust and aesthetically smooth cable trays for the routing and protection of power, data and control cables.

Wibe Cable Trays offer a robust and smooth solution for the routing and protection of cables in light and medium installations where a high standard on aesthetics or concealment of cables is required

Wibe Cable Trays
  • Features

    The Wibe cable tray system consists of a complete system including length material, form pieces, mounting accessories and a wide support system


    There are 5 surface treatments available:

    • Pre-galvanized: for indoor and partly outdoor non- heated areas such as Office buildings, ware housing, and sports facilities
    • Pre-galvanized + painting for indoor and partly outdoor non- heated areas such as shops and office buildings
    • Hot-dip galvanized: both indoor and outdoor environments with average to high environmental corrosion conditions and high levels of humidity and airborne pollution (urban and light industrial areas)
    • Zinkpox: for both indoor and outdoor environments with very high industrial environmental corrosion and high levels of humidity and aggressive atmospheres
    • Stainless steel, AISI 316L: indoor and outdoor environments for heavy industries, coastal and offshore areas, purifying plants with very high marine environmental corrosion and near-permanent condensation


    The standard cable trays are available in perforated or closed versions in two system heights: 40 and 60 mm.

    Depending on the range the trays are available in two or three meter lengths.

    The width range varies from 50 up to 600 mm.

    The widths of the lighting cable trays vary from 40 up to 200 mm in one system height: 40 mm

    The lighting cable trays are available with a smart perforation pattern for easy fitting of luminaries under the trays.

    There is also a complete range of supports for wall mounting, ceiling-suspended solutions in single or double rods, pendants and floor supports.

    Accessories such as bends, raisers, reducers, etc. provide an easy and smooth change of direction in the route of the cable tray system.


    • IEC 61537, UNE EN 50102, UNE EN ISO 9227
    • Certified by Det Norske Veritas
    • Ul certified (UL E-80034)


    Wibe Cable Trays provide a number of benefits, including:

    • Discreet design for concealing the installed cables for extremely smooth aesthetically installation.
    • Cable tray range with outstanding mechanical resistance, leading to high values of safe working load.
    • Can be fixed onto supports with a support distance of up to three meters, without any restrictions of positioning of the joints.
    • Sophisticated design prevents hand injuries and cable damages
    • Reduced installation time with a reduced number of jointing elements and smart fixings
    • Extensive range of supporting material
    • Surface treatments for all environments
    • Complete system of accessories such as bends, junctions, raisers, reducers, etc.
    • Specially designed Lighting cable trays to act as a supporting infrastructure for luminary systems.
    • Compliance with international quality standard IEC 61537


    Depending on the surface treatment, Wibe Cable Trays are suitable a wide range of applications, including:

    • Retail/Commercial buildings, offices
    • Public buildings (car parks, hospitals, schools)
    • Data centers, computer network rooms
    • Water/wastewater treatment facilities
    • Industrial buildings
    • Oil & Gas, offshore
    • Petrochemical industry


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