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    Wiser Smart-Home Energy Management for Europe

    Home energy efficiency

    Easy to install and easy to use home automation system. Wiser Smart reports your energy consumption and controls the most energy consuming devices.

    Wiser Smart-Home Energy Management for Europe

      Wiser Smart-Home Energy Management for Europe

    • Features

      85% of Europeans say they are concerned about the energy consumption of their home. They wish to make energy savings without major investments and, above all, without making any compromise when it comes to comfort. They expect energy to be available, to be suited to their lifestyle and to be economical.

      With Wiser Smart, Schneider Electric meets all these expectations.

      Without the involvement of consumers, there is no way of achieving optimal energy management. But in order for them to get involved, they must be clearly informed in advance of the energy use in their homes. It is therefore necessary to collect energy data and make it visible and comprehensible, to understand it and act.


      Wiser is a “plug and play” system which manages heating, electrical appliances and domestic hot water production while measuring and displaying its energy consumption. Power consumption and temperature information can be displayed and managed locally or remotely through an App.
      Your customers will then have complete control over their electrical expenses and they will know exactly how to act, room by room, appliance by appliance saving up to 30% of their energy bill.


      • Residential application
      • Enhancing an existing dwelling


      • Wiser H-relay
      • Wiser box
      • Wiser smartplug
      • Wiser thermostat
      • Wiser interfaces