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Mureva Flex

Isolating and pliable conduits and sleeves

Mureva Flex range of pliable and easy to install conduits is available in 25m and 50m rolls depending on size. Conduit couplings are also available.

Mureva Flex
  • Features

    The Mureva Flex range of pliable conduits is available in 25 and 50 meter rolls depending on size. Conduit couplings are available in the range.

    • All products in the range are halogen-free and the conduits are LSF0H and are equipped with the GT-function for reduction of the effort and time needed for installation.
    • The best suited fixings for the conduits are the Thorsman TCS-screw clips.


    • 25 meters
    • 50 meters

    Color : Black RAL 9005



    • Degree of protection: IP 67.
    • Base classification 3343.
    • The system is certified acc. to IEC 61386-22 and complies with the low smoke requirement IEC 60614-2-4 (formerly BS 6099), LSF0H.
    • Intended for an indoor use (operating temperature: from - 25 °C to + 105 °C).

    Wide choice:

    • Conduits in all sizes
    • A solution for all installation methods with Thorsman TCS-screw clips
    • A quick installation
    • An unfailing installation using the Thorsman fixing range
    • All conduits are halogen-free and LSF0H, making them suitable for installations in hospitals, IT installations, subways, airports etc.

    Ecological: All conduits are halogen-free.

    Combinability: The Mureva Flex GT halogen-free products are suitable for use with Multifix junction boxes or any other type of junction box according to choice and are suitable for fixing with the Thorsman fixing range.


    Mureva Flex is designed for a wide range of applications in various industries, such as:

    • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
    • Public buildings (museums, schools, subways and railways)
    • Commercial buildings, high ride buildings
    • Shopping centers and malls
    • Data centers or IT network rooms

    With IP 67, the conduits and accessories can be used in all types of wall construction.

    Halogen-free products are suitable for use in eco-friendly installations.