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StruxureWare PowerSCADA Expert 7.2

Real-time monitoring and control software for electrical distribution systems

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StruxureWare PowerSCADA Expert 7.2
  • Features

    StruxureWare PowerSCADA Expert software is a complete real-time monitoring and control solution for large facility and critical infrastructure operations. It provides data intelligence for power distribution through alarming and graphical interface functions.


    • Real time Control and Data acquisition from Intelligent Electrical Devices, breakers and meters.
    • Redundancy: IO server (warm standby), self-healing, double-ring communication network
    • Custom HMI with dynamic Single Line Diagram, Event log and network representation.
    • System supervision, alarm management
    • On-board alarms w/ 1ms time-stamping
    • PC-based custom alarms
    • Real-time & historical trending, event logging, and waveform capture
    • Multi protocol support IEC 61850, Modbus RTU, TCP/IP ModBus, SNMP, DNP3 and optional IEC60870-5-104 Slave.
    • Embedded support of SE devices: Micrologic 5.0P and 6.0P, A & A fw2, H; Sepam series 20,40, 80 & 2000 (s36); BCPM/BCM42; CM4000 series; PM700 series; PM800 series; ION7650; Quantum; Momentum; Premium; M340; EGX100; EGX300; G3200
    • 3rd Party Device Integration: real-time data
    • Tools to develop and deploy solutions faster (Typically 30% faster)


    For optimal management of your electrical installation and greater overall productivity, StruxureWare PowerSCADA Expert software helps you:

    • Optimize management of your electrical installation for greater productivity
    • Improve power reliability and operation efficiency
    • Maintain optimal control over the electrical distribution network
    • Provide a simple-to-use, cost-competitive solution (including consistency with MV/LV equipment)
    • Reduces costs, initial deployment time and re-engineering through specifically designed configuration tools
    • Use a wide range of associated support services
    • Access Schneider Support services throughout the lifetime of the installation (maintainability, scalability, upgradeability)


    StruxureWare PowerSCADA Expert is a complete package dedicated to data acquisition and control of an electrical distribution system. It provides:

    • Operational safety and reliability
    • Improved continuity of electrical service
    • Assessment and management site-wide electrical distribution
    • Reliable equipment operation
    • Real-time responses to power quality-related issues
    • Secure Remote Control Capabilities
    • Support to proactive maintenance and asset life optimization


    • Real-time, high performance display and control of the power network.
    • Custom HMI tailors the solution to match operational requirements.
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