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OptiLine Mini

The most comprehensive Mini-trunking system with a wide range of trunking dimensions and accessories

The OptiLine Mini-trunking system is robust, versatile and the perfect choice for elegant and safe installations, even in more exposed environments

OptiLine Mini
  • Features

    OptiLine Mini-trunking is a smoothly shaped range providing a quick and easily concealed installation of cables and wiring for power and low voltage.

    • The range includes six sizes of trunking in 17 variants along with a multitude of accessories.
    • Available in three materials: aluminum, lead- and cadmium-free PVC or halogen-free PC/ABS, with accessories of PC/ABS.
    • 1, 2 and 3 compartment trunking can be combined by using a branching piece.
    • The PVC and PC/ABS trunking are approved for single-insulated cable if non-metallic fasteners are used.
    • The sizes 12x20 and 18x20 are also available with bonding tape on the back of the base profile.
    • Both the cover and the trunking base are U-shaped and are therefore stable during handling. The base profile is provided with pre-punched holes to facilitate mounting on the wall.
    • IP40 protection

    OptiLine Mini sets a new, safer level for mini-trunking, since the cover cannot be removed without tools.


    All necessary accessories available for a professional installation including corners, branching pieces, bends, stop ends, etc.

    Delivery lengths

    Length: 2100 mm. Trunking base and cover are delivered together.

    Material and Colors

    • Trunking base and cover in aluminum (anodized or white), lead and cadmium-free PVC or halogen-free PC/ABS
    • Accessories in halogen-free PC/ABS


    Designed, safe and flexible

    • Wide range: six sizes in PVC, 4 sizes in halogen-free plastic and 3 sizes in aluminium
    • Impact-resistant and tamper-proof. Can only be opened with tools.
    • Smooth design
    • Easy to handle including U-shaped profiles
    • Easy to install with pre-punched holes
    • Plastic trunking classified for single-insulated wires.
    • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
    • Branching piece: easy to combine different sizes
    • Partition walls can be removed to allow space for larger cables
    • Environment-friendly: no heavy metals, halogen-free alternatives


    For concealed installation of cables and wires in most environments


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