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    Large Local Telemetry Unit

    XLRIO is a powerful local telemetry unit dedicated for large sites with a large number of data acquisition points and communication ports

    • Features

      XLRIO is a powerful local telemetry unit dedicated for large sites. XLRIO embeds the same telemetry software as iRIO: Xflow
      For the user (configurator, operator), no problem to switch from one platform to the other

      XLRIO unit replaces iRIO for monitoring architectures requiring :

      • Large number of data acquisition points (up to 10 000 points)
      • Multiple serial communication links (up to 10 serial ports)
      • Retrieval of data from third party equipment via OPC connections (wind turbines, photovoltaic inverters)
      • Retrieval of data from wind turbines via IEC61400-25 standard

      Standard Manufacturers Warranty: 18 months


      Centralize remote operations, saving time and money
      Control and manage your installations remotely, even perform maintenance functions with the XLRIO remote management system.

      Receive the earliest notification of a problem
      XLRIO instantly alerts personnel of malfunctions and alarms via e-mail, FTP, mobile phone, PDA, or telemetry supervisor such as KERWIN.

      Track consumption and analyse historical data easily
      XLRIO has a large amount of onboard memory, capable of storing time-stamped data and alarms. Its powerful processing capabilities give you a clear picture of typical consumption and make historical data analysis not only possible, but easy.
      Its embedded Web interface allows you to adapt it to your application through configurable synoptics, charts or dashboards

      Communicate with existing devices
      XLRIO helps you save on capital expenditures thanks to its 2 ethernet interfaces and 10 serial ports. XLRIO can communicate through different protocols (Modbus, ModbusTCP, Xantrex, SunEzy) and also using OPC DA client technology. Optionally, XLRIO retrieves data from wind turbine supporting IEC61400-25 standard. All these elements increase compatibility with your existing installations.

      Opt for a reliable and powerful platform
      XLRIO is based on a fanless industrial PC with an operating temperature range from -10°C to +60°C. XLRIO is ready to use for Telemetry applications. You just need a Web browser to configure and operate your application


      Renewable power generation : Control and monitoring of photovoltaic large buildings and farms ; Control and monitoring of wind farms