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    Compact NSC100

    Compact NSC100 molded case circuit breakers and switches are pending obsolescence in 2018. It is replaced by Compact NSXm.

    End-of-Sale Notice

    Reductions in manufacturing capacity and component inventories will ramp down towards end of commercialization dates below. This page is designed to assist all customer using legacy Compact NSC100 with the transition to Compact NSXm molded case circuit breakers and switch disconnectors. Refer to the timeline, tools and resources below to support you through the transition period.

    Compact NSC100
    • Features

      Transition Timeline
      From Q1 2017 to Q1 2018 Introduction of Compact NSXm
      Q4 2018 Compact NSC100 circuit breakers and switches no longer available for purchase
      Finding a Replacement
      Compact NSXm 10-160 A circuit breakers and switches are the designated replacement for Compact NSC100 applications. If UL489 is required, refer to PowerPact B. Compact NSXm is the smallest size molded case circuit breaker device member in the Compact NSX range. With its convenient design, it can easily accommodate your customers’ needs and applications from 16 to 160 A.
      Discover the new Compact NSXm which is replacing Compact NSC100:
      o   Integrated earth leakage protection
      o   EverLink power connectors
      o   Built-in DIN rail and plate mount capability
      o   Externally visible spring type auxiliaries

      Tools and Resources:
      NSC100 substitution and technical guide
      Introduction to Compact NSXm: videos, white paper and more
      Technical information for Compact NSXm
      Configure, quote and order online with MyPact
      Compact NSX & NSXm Catalog
      Compact NSXm CAD files
      Compact NSXm Certificates
      Schneider Electric is committed to supporting your business.  Please contact your Schneider Electric representative for further information or to work together in developing modernization plans.
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