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Mounting accessories

Mounting accessories / Telequick System


Mounting accessories
  • Features

    Telequick System:
    Telequick System is an engineered mounting and cabling system developed to help you to save time and resources during the mounting process.

    The mounting components are the following:

    • Special mounting plates
    • Technical mounting uprights
    • Dedicated special nuts
    • Quick connections brackets
    • Dedicated cross rails
    • Others

    Mounting Accessories: 
    Find the following products:

    Installation accessories
    7 different options of mounting plates and chassis :

    • Plain mounting plate
    • Silk-screened mounting plate
    • Microperforated mounting plate
    • Telequick mounting plate
    • Polyester mounting plate
    • Bakelite mounting plate
    • DIN rails chassis
    • Vertical Uprights and supports.

    19" racks

    • Fixed and pivoting 19" racks for wall-mounting and floor-standing enclosures.

    Modular chassis

    • Different options of modular distribution chassis for the installation of 18mm modular equipment.


    • DIN rails, metal rails and hardware.

    Equipment support accessories

    • Trays and heavy-duty supports.


    Telequick System: 

    • 30% less mounting time
    • No special tools to work with
    • Easy and fast layout modification at any time
    • Improvement of the air circulation inside the enclosure
    • Lightness
    • Professional results
    • Facilitates the product maintenance to the End User

    Mounting Accessories, facilities and Time saving!

    • Large range of accessories developed to facility the product installation and maintenance.
    • Suitable for different product ranges.
    • Time saving due to pre-cuts and enclosures standard dimensions.


    Telequick System:

    • Control gears
    • Switch gears

    Mounting Accessories

    Spacial ranges :

    • Floor-standing steel and stainless steel enclosures.
    • Wall-mounting steel and stainless steel enclosures.

    Thalassa ranges :

    • Floor-standing insulating material enclosures
    • Wall-mounting insulating material enclosures


    • Minimum tools needed
    • The most flexible layout
    • Dedicated engineered pieces
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