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Evx Power

Covnertion kit fo electronic ballast T5 fluorescent tubes

Part of Exiway

Convertion kit dedicated for T5 tube to ensure the best performance in emergency mode

Evx Power
  • Features

    Conversion kits convert a fluorescent tube luminaire into a safety light during a power failure. The luminaire perform a reduced light which is sufficient to prevent panic and make obstacles visible during evacuation.
    Evx Power conversion kits operate with electronic ballast strip lights of up to 80W T5 and with various types of tubes.
    Only trained personnel are allowed to install these products.

    Convertion kit dedicated for T5 tube to ensure the best performance in emergency mode

    Main features
    It operates the tube at typically 10% to 30% of its rated power
    The emergency mode can be inhibited by remote control

    Range description
    Mains presence indicator (LED)
    Standard version
    Certified by independent organizations: ENEC for some references
    Technical information
    Maintained and non-maintained mode products
    Class II
    Autonomy: 1 to 3 hours or more, according to the fluorescent tube and product chosen
    Safety product: compliant with EN 61347-2-7


    Unobtrusive installation: after installation, it disappears completely into the general lighting
    Consumes only a few VA and uses the light fitting's fluorescent tube during a mains power failure
    Operates ferromagnetic and electronic ballast


    A range for all types of premises: hotels, offices, schools, shops, etc..., developed to ensure safe evacuation from all buildings


    • Ballast supply
    • Luminaire transformed into emergency lighting
    • Evx Power with battery in line
    • The kit disappears when installed
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