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    AccuSine PCS

    LV active harmonic filters

    End-of-Sale Notice

    This offer is now replaced with AccuSine PCS+

    AccuSine PCS
    • Features

      • NOTE: This offer is now replaced with AccuSine PCS+.
      • A complete solution for harmonic filtering that meets every harmonic standard around the world.
      • Can be operated as a displacement power factor correction and load balancing device independent of or in conjunction with harmonic mitigation.

       Technical data

      • Network voltage: 208-480 VAC, up to 15 kV with custom transformers
      • Frequency: 50/60 Hz +/- 3 Hz
      • Harmonic compensation: H2 to H50, discrete spectrum cancellation; global or selectable
      • Ultra fast response at < 2 cycles
      • Ambient temperature: 0° to 40°C, derate 2% per degree C up to 50°C
      • Contamination levels (IEC 60721-3-3)
      • Altitude: 0 to 1000m (3300ft) above sea level - over 1000m derate 1% for each additional 100m
      • Product standards: UL, cUL, CSA, ABS, C-Tick, CE marked models available
      • Humidity: up to 95%, non condensing
      • Corrective Capability: <5% TDD(I) & to near unity displacement power factor
      • HMI Display: Touchpad display with graphics
      • Enclosure: N1, UL Type 12, IP30, IP54, CH (Chassis)
      • Communication: 4 dry (voltage free) contacts to monitor status from remote location; Modbus TCP/IP or Ethernet IP.



      • Flexible and scalable:
        • All types of harmonic producing loads
        • Single load, bus or global site filtering
        • Compatible with future load changes
      • Easy sizing and independent of system impedance
      • Simple selection spreadsheet - no need for harmonic studies
      • Simple installation and ease of expansion - for parallel operation, each unit functions independently with only current transformer and communication interconnections (no power interconnections) 
      • Current transformers can be installed on the incoming mains (source sense) or on the feeders to the loads (load sense) for maximum installation flexibility  
      • Peace of mind:
        • Achieves compliance with any harmonic standard anywhere around the world when sized correctly
        • Logic ride through during mains power outages up to 10 minutes - ensures AccuSine PCS is operating prior to loads to provide compensation upon start up
        • Compatible with generator sources - off loads generators of reactive and harmonic current demands to extend life and ensure proper operation of generators
        • Compatible with UPS sources: relieves UPS of reactive and harmonic current demands to ensure proper operation of UPS
        • Ensures energy efficiency by optimising transformer and cable capacities; reduces utility power factor penalties; and saves the cost of generation and transmission of reactive and harmonic current (non active currents)
        • Maximises up time when used for harmonic and/or power factor correction.


      • Anywhere nonlinear loads are present: water/wastewater facilities, HVAC systems, oil & gas platforms, petrochemical plants, port cranes, mining, pharmaceuticals, pulp & paper, automotive plants, all-electric ships, wind mill and solar farms, steel mills, plastic extrusion plants, and more.
      • Stop voltage sags and flicker due to load current fluctuations (VAR compensation): Ball mills, shredders, arc welders, arc furnaces, hard to start AC motors, and more.


      • Accusine, Harmonic filter