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    Built for ruggedness

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    Built for ruggedness, dependability, versatility, and performance

    PRC, PRI
    • Features

      • IP 67, NEMA 4, 6P, and 13 rated
      • Conforms to IEC, UL, CSA, EN, and NOM standards
      • CE Marked
      • NEMA A600, 600V, 10 Amp continuous
      • Products include: standard body, compact body, standard body reed, and hazardous location styles, component heads, lever arms operators, and modifications to meet specific application needs


      Limit switches built for the long run
      • Our proven line of 9007C limit Switches can withstand the impact of heavy industry and impact your success
      • Modular design offers plug-in body styles, switch tops, and wired terminal base for high versatility and ease of use
      • Largest diameter shaft in the industry reduces the chance of damage
      • Fluorocarbon (Viton) Quadring shaft seal ensures positive head and shaft sealing
      • 90 degree travel helps prevent shaft and lever arm breakage
      • Wrap around lever arm clamp prevents slipping due to impact
      • Long mechanical and electrical life minimizes downtime and maximizes machine use
      • Accurate and Precise repeatability increases customer confidence and satisfaction


      • Petrochemical
      • Metallurgy
      • Mining
      • Oil and gas
      • Wastewater Treatment
      • Automotive