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    W@de RTU

    W@de RTU

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    Remote management

    Gateways, Switches and Routers
    • Features

      The remote management modules of the W@de range, W series – W315, W320E and W325 – are designed for typical remote management applications in water systems or general infrastructure. They can be used alone or associated with any Schneider Electric PLC or industrial controller: Modicon Quantum, Modicon Premium, Modicon M340, Twido, Zelio, Altivar, etc.  
      These units enable:

      • continuous measurement, saving, processing and archiving of process data
      • communication within sites and to a supervisor using the protocols Modbus/Modbus TCP, IEC870-5-101/104, DNP3/DNP3-IP
      • alarm notification to operating personnel
      • programming of automation systems (W325)
      • remote operation and configuration


      More flexibility for a safe monitoring

      The W@de RTU range, W series, makes communicating with your remote equipment simple.

      • Optimise your operating and maintenance costs by consulting your remote sites without the need for travel.
      • Monitor your consumption using data archiving.
      • Be alerted immediately to any faults through alarm notification.
      • Control your equipment with embedded controllers.


      • Remote management of pumping stations
      • Remote management of water treatment stations
      • Remote management of infrastructure: wind turbines, etc.


      • TSXHEW320E : 2 remote communication ports
      • TSXHEW315 – The modular
      • TSXHEW325 : All in one product