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Industrial Automation and Control

Sensors and RFID System

A global leader in industrial sensors' business, Telemecanique Sensors offers a wide range of detection technologies including limit switches, proximity sensors, photoelectric, safety and pressure switches. Our aim is to simplify the life of our customers, allowing them to concentrate on their core-added value and machine performance.

Vision Sensors

Easily integrated into your machines, vision sensors are dedicated to the inspection of manufactured parts. Check high-production-rate operations, ensure good repeat accuracy of checking, and manage objects’ flow efficiently with our vision sensors.

Limit Switches

A comprehensive line of industrial, heavy-duty, compact, miniature and application-specific limit switches. With a broad range of options and accessories, our limit switches provide virtually unlimited flexibility and an unmatched level of reliability meeting both domestic and international requirements.

Proximity and Presence Sensors

Proximity sensors detect the presence of objects without physical contact. Telemecanique Sensors offers one of the most comprehensive proximity sensors on the market with a large choice of inductive sensors, capacitive sensors, photo-electric sensors and ultrasonic sensors.


Our innovative incremental and absolute rotary encoders are opened to fieldbus communication to ensure a simplified resolution setting.

Pressure Sensors

Pressure sensor devices identify and convert pressure into an electric signal where the amount depends upon the pressure applied. Telemecanique Sensors offers an extensive list of adjustable electromechanical and electronic pressure sensors and switches that are designed for all industrial applications.

Safety Sensors and Switches

Discover a wide portfolio of safety sensors including light curtains, limit switches, rope pull switches and proximity sensors. Our safety products are compliant with international standards and ensure the most comprehensive protection for personnel and equipment in all manufacturing applications.

Traceability and Access Control

Make the most of the openness with our RFID system. Enjoy the freedom of choosing the tags you need, while it automatically adapts to your network protocol. Easy to install, to connect and to set up, it's ideally suited for object traceability, object tracking and access-control functions.

Cordset and Connectors

Machine cabling accessories include cordsets, connectors and connection boxes. This range features an optimal user-friendly design, simplified connection, and quick and safe reference identification.

Cloud Connected Sensors

Cloud-connected sensors give you precise, reliable data on your installations in real time. Configure this data to suit your requirements for operations, receiving alerts, or event history.