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      Lighting solutions

      Help your customers with the right lighting solution. Enable the perfect ambiance, comfort and energy savings with our dimmers, detectors and lighiting solutions.

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    Energy savings and comfort

    The right lighting can transform homes and commercial buildings, adding ambience and comfort. It can also bring savings and help your customers reduce energy consumption. For you, it means more opportunities to your business with our latest offerings.


    • 20-25% of energy expenses in an average commercial building are related to lighting.
    • 3 main parameters affect the optimization of lighting: time, brightness and presence
    • 10% of energy consumption can be cut with programmable time switches.
    • 20% of energy consumption can be saved thanks to presence detection.
    • 30% of energy used can be saved thanks to dimmers with a detection function.
    • 50% of energy consumption brightness detection
    • Wiser Odace Lighting Accentuate the moment

      Wiser Odace Lighting takes its cue from your rhythm. On your command, any space in your home can slip into the right ambiance. A breeze to set up, this wireless system brings together modern, intuitive design and state-of-the-art technology – making it simple for you to set the perfect scene.

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      Dimming the lights

      Dimming solutions allow customers to adjust light brightness and energy consumption and maximize comfort and efficiency in any application. They also extended the life time of filament lamps, while soft starting eliminates inrush current. Decreasing line voltage by 10% doubles service life.
      • Dimmer applications Conference room

        Help customers set the perfect conditions for presentations in the conference room. Dimmed lights help focus attention on the screen and can save up to 20% of energy.

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      • Dimmer applications Living room

        Create the perfect ambiance for every situation in the living room and enable up to 20% energy savings. Diming the lights improves the level of comfort and helps lower the energy bill, for example when watching TV.

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      • Dimmer applications Bedroom

        Create the perfect scene with soft lighting in the bedroom and enable up to 20% energy savings. Use dimmers to improve comfort and functionality.

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      • Dimmer applications Kitchen

        Install dimmers in the kitchen area to adjust brightness and energy use to your needs. Soft lights help create the perfect dining ambiance.

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      • Dimmer applications Office

        Improve working comfort and productivity by adapting the light in the workplace. Install dimmers in the office to enable up to 20% of energy savings.

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        How to select dimmers?

        • Default Alternative Text Style criteria Your customers can choose from different designs and colors of dimmers. They also consider touch, rotary or remote dimmers and the possibility of dimming the lights from several locations, according to room configuration.
        • Default Alternative Text Technical criteria You must consider the type of lights (incandescent, halogen 230 V AC/low voltage, fluorescent tube), as well as their power and number. The availability of neutral wire and the combination with products such as shutter or heating control are also key factors.

        Our dimming solutions

        • Wired

          Wall mounted solutions
          Adjust the level of lighting from several control points in the room. Each pushbutton can control the super dimmer to maximize occupant comfort. You can choose from:
          • Rotary dimmers for lighting loads (except FLC) with optional memory function
          • Touch dimmers with or without memory
          • Comfort rotary dimmers with energy saving function and position indicator

          DIN-rail mounted solutions
          Transform push-buttons into dimmers by installing a dimming module in the control cabinet on DIN rail. The module controls lighting for all lights (except FLC loads).
          Advantages of this solution:
          • Control lights through walls
          • Adjust several light circuits
          • Set different scenes or scenarios
        • Wireless

          Infra-red system

          Wit the infra-red solutions your customers can easily dim the lights from different locations in the same room, for example without getting up from the sofa. The system comprises a remote emmiter and and wall-mounted receiver.

          RF system

          The RF system is designed to enable convenient dimming from several locations. It combines an RF remote emitter and one or more RF receivers. It is the perfect solution for rennovations and can be mixed with other home control solutions. It enables customers to:
          • Control lights through walls
          • Adjust several light circuits
          • Set different scenes or scenarios

          Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) system

          Smartphones with Bluetooth connectivity have become an essential part of everyday life — and our BLE lighting products take advantage of their capabilities. They help save energy because it's connected only when required by the user; it delivers simple configuration and timers via the app, on your phone or tablet. It is a modern remote control to help users configure and simplify their lives.
        • Digital

          KNX system
          Adapt lighting, heating and shutters with the KNX bus system, a globally recongnized standard for interconnected, intelligent home automation components. The KNX system enables:
          • Flexibility (planning, adaptation, mult-vendor applications)
          • Safety and security
          • Up to 50% energy savings with multiple functions

          IHC system
          Intelligent Home Control integrates lighting, heating and shutters for convenient control and up to 50% energy savings. It features a central programmable unit in the control cabinet and enables:
          • Flexible scene-setting and programming
          • Remote access and control
          • Easy scalability and integration of multiple devices

          A microprocessor-based control and management system for buildings and homes, C-Bus is used to control lighting and other electrical services such as pumps, audio/visual devices, motors, etc. Whether simple ON/OFF control of a lighting circuit, or variable (analogue) type control, such as electronic dimmable fluorescent ballasts, C-Bus can be used to easily control virtually any type of electrical load. The key reasons to use C-Bus:
          • Highly robust and reliable control system, but low cost per node
          • Ultimate flexibility in switching and control: functions can be changed, added, removed, moved, reprogrammed, at any position on the network, at any time, without any cumbersome hard-wiring
          • A single C-Bus cable connection can control an unlimited number of devices.

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        Presence and movement sensors

        Enable energy savings by having lights switch on and off automatically, depeneding on presence or movement in the covered area. Use detectors to improve comfort and convenience as well as security of any building.
        • Detector applications Living room

          In the living room, presence or movement detectors can help save up to 20% of energy. They also improve comfort as occupants don't need to reach for the light switch.

          Modern living room
        • Detector applications Bathroom

          In bathrooms, presence detectors can automatically switch the lights with up to 20% energy savings. They can also control fans for optimal ventilation.

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        • Detector applications Outdoors

          Outdoor lights can be switched on and off automatically thanks to movement detectors. This enables up to 50% energy savings and can help improve the safety of people outside after dark.

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        • Detector applications Corridors and toilets

          Corridors can be lit up or pilot-lit by switching off every second or third light thanks to movement detectors. Additionally, presence detectors can be used to illuminate the toilets, This can help save up to 30% of energy.

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        • Detector applications Conference room

          As lights in meeting rooms are often left on when people leave, installling presence detectors for automatic shutdown can help save up to 20% of energy.

          Startup business team in meeting working on computer

          How to select sensors?

          • Default Alternative Text Movement detectors Best suitable for large areas where multiple detectors can be used in parallel. You can also use movement detectors for retrofitting, in combination with two-way rocker pushbuttons, or in staircases in combination with lighting timers.
          • Default Alternative Text Presence detectors Presence detectors combine the technology of movement detection and a precision lens for greater accuracy in detecting very small movement. They should be used, if possible, in the center of a room for an optimal detection area.

          Lighting: presence and movement detectors

          Download the complete guide to presence and movement detectors.

          Application sheets

          Learn everything you need to know about sensors

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          LED lighting

          The LED lighting technology enables you to reduce your energy consumption. We assist you in adapting your electrical switchboard and optimizing the operation of your lighting system.
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          Is it enough to just replace luminaries?

          No! LED-technology luminaires have a special technological feature: they need a high current for a very short time at start-up. Learn how our tools and solutions can take solve this for you.
          • Optimize your installation Surge protection

            LED-technology luminaires can be destroyed by a surge.
            Protect your LED-technology lighting against lightning and temporary surges with our our solutions.

            Aerial view of lightning over a city at night, weather.
          • Optimize your installation Control

            The contactors and impulse relays that you normally use to control your lighting circuits can be damaged by the high inrush currents of LED-technology lamps. Use zero-voltage-switching contactors or impulse relays perfectly suited to the control of LED-technology lighting circuits.

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          • Optimize your installation Circuit breaker

            The electronic interface (driver) of the luminaires causes a large transient inrush current at power up which could result in circuit-breaker tripping. By using a control device of the iCT+ or iTL+ type, you can optimize the protection circuit breaker's rating and curve.

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          • Optimize your installation Harmonics

            The neutral conductor should have the same cross section as the phase conductors. In a 3-phase network, the harmonic content of the 3rd order and multiples of 3 generally ranges between 15-33% for LED lighting loads. The neutral conductor is loaded and should be designed to allow current flow.

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            • LED lighting solutions

              Our zero-voltage-switching contactors and impulse relays are perfectly suited to the control of LED-technology luminaires. Test their endurance: they can achieve up to 5,000,000 switching operations!

              > Discover iCT+
              > Discover iTL+

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              Scheduled lighting

              Optimize energy consumption and improve the comfort and security of occupants - schedule lights to switch on/off by time slots, every day of the year. Our easily programmable solutions allow you to minimize energy waste by adjusting lighting to opening hours, times of day, seasons, etc.
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              Time switches

              Use time switches to accurately and automatically program the operation of heating, lighting, ventilation, access control, bells, roller blinds, stairs, etc.
              • Timer applications Supermarket

                Program indoor and outdoor lights in different time slots, according to opening hours, and enable up to 25% energy savings.

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              • Timer applications Car park

                Power savings by automatically extinguishing lighting when it is not necessary. Secure savings by not relying on uncertain human action. Improve the feeling of safety at minimum cost as the lighting is always on when it is dark.

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              • Timer applications Shop

                A recipe for up to 25% energy savings: Window lighting is still on after opening hours, but off from 10 pm when there are fewer passers-by. Shutters are automatically closed at 10:30 pm. At 8 am, the shutters are opened and the lights are switched on.

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              • Timer applications School

                Enable up to 50% energy savings by automatically extinguishing lighting when it is not necessary. Modify the time switch program easily for special events and vacation, avoiding unnecessary energy spending.

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                Application sheets

                How to select timer switches?

                Download the practical timer selection guide and learn how to choose the right solution for your customers' needs.

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                Centralized lighting

                Innovative digital technology enables homeowners to make their homes more efficient by taking control of their home’s lighting, energy usage and utility bills through our Wiser home control and energy management system.
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                Wiser Home Control puts control of light switches, dimmers, sensors, timers and much more at your customers' fingertips. It integrates electrical, multi-media and telecommunications systems in one, easy-to-use and upgrade interface.

                Wiser Home Control

                Discover the comfort and convenience of complete control with Wiser.
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