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    Stay in touch with your home

    A Wiser home is always within reach. The Home Touch puts convenience at hand and enables remote management from anywhere.

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Wiser Home Touch

Always where it’s supposed to be, the Home Touch is both the hub for Wiser products, and a touch screen from which you can change modes, moments, and the temperature. Connect it to Wi-Fi for remote control of your home.
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Control your home remotely

When connected to Wi-Fi, the Home Touch allows you to control the settings of your Wiser home from anywhere, at any time, via the Wiser app.
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Switch between Home, Away, and Sleep modes in an instant

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One tap on the Home Touch screen will set all your Wiser products in the same mode. So you can enjoy the perfect ambience right after arriving back home or quickly prepare your house for your absence.
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Activate your moments with a tap

Access your pre-set moments straight from the Home Touch to quickly synchronize your home with your mood.
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Enjoy greater convenience every day

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The hub’s full-color touch display keeps you in control of your home even when your phone is out of reach.
Choose between a wall mount or a stand to place your Home Touch in the most convenient location.
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