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Reject: Obsolete What are the Square D part numbers for the fans used internal to the ATV66D33N4U and variable frequency AC drives?

Each of these drives have the VZ3V665 heat sink fan which is the larger fan located in the bottom of the unit. The NMB part number for this fan is 5915PC-23T-B30.
Each of these drives have the VZ3V6654 power board stirring fan which is a small fan located in the upper left side of the unit.
Only the ATV66D54N4U, ATV66D64N4U, ATV66D79N4U and ATV66D46M2U drives also have a VZ3V6655 capacitor bank fan located above the power terminal block.

These drives are the Frame Size 4 and Frame Size 5 ATV66.

The part numbers are listed on page 98 (page 104 in Adobe Acrobat) of the VD0C06S304E Receiving, Installation and Sart Up manual in Appendix A - Spare parts list.  The part # for the fans of the other size units is also listed in this table.

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